Factors that make choosing a dance costume difficult

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Are you looking for cheap dance costumes for your team? When preparing for a performance, dancing is just one of the things that you need to be doing. What you wear during the dance routine is critical because it can either distract from or complement your moves.

Here are some things that make shopping for dance costumes difficult:

Lack of funds

This applies to all types of dance costumes. You probably do not have a spare astronaut suit in your closet. Therefore, if you have a themed dance set to perform, you need to buy at least one part of the costume. If you are a student, you might not have the money to waste on buying a new costume for every dance.

The good thing about themed costumes is that if you already own a part of the costume, you do not have to spend money. To save more money, you should consider buying clothes that you would wear in real life.

The making

As with any costume, especially the themed ones, your teammates need to be creative. Sewing on details such as buttons and pockets takes time and patience. Although the process of modifying your clothes can be tedious, sewing is fun and you can take turns.

A costume making party can be a great bonding moment for your team. If you feel like your fingers are about to fall off, you should hand the needle to someone else and take a break.

Characters and accuracy

More research needs to be done before choosing a costume for your theme. Does every team member have the right costume for the theme? Are you staying true to the theme or are you allowed to take liberties? If you are sticking to specific costumes, you can encounter many problems.

For instance, if you are playing a pirate, you need all the parts of the costume, including the beard and hook. Because you cannot wear such a gaudy costume to work or school, you should save it for Halloween.

The hype

Even if your outfit is trendy now, the trend will not be timeless. Some outfits can only be worn once and discarded because nobody will want to borrow them. However, this should not bother you much; if the costume is trendy right now, you should wear it proudly.

The dance ability

When buying a costume, you should ensure that it is decent enough to dance in and remains that way. Make sure that you tuck everything in and use safety pins if necessary. Pants that are too tight can rip on stage and this would be very embarrassing. If you must wear tight pants, make sure that you break them in by practicing in them.

If something embarrassing happens on stage, you should not sweat it because this is normal.

The repetition

At a certain point in the history of performance, every color combination had been worn. However, you should take solace in the fact that costumes do not need to be innovative to be cool. In fact, a classier combination might be the most set flattering.

Not all of your costumes need to be made or bought. As long as you can use one color and make it look different, you can keep your money intact.

The basic-ness

Team shirts, black pants, and black shoes are some of the most basic dance costumes. If you get tired of wearing basic outfits, you should be glad because you do not have to spend money on elaborate costumes. Moreover, you can easily find a pair of black pants and shoes in your closet.

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