How to braid with beeswax


In the fashion world, braided hairstyles are the current fashion trend followed by hundreds and thousands of young girls to look gorgeous and beautiful. These unique and beautiful braided hairstyles have stolen the front cover of many fashion magazines, runways and journals. Braided hairstyles are considered as perfect style for sunny summer. These stylish hairstyles are worn in many unique and different ways. Using the hair products like beeswax can help the hair from slipping and making it more silky and smooth. If you are unaware of using this hair product then below given are few tips that possibly help you in applying the beeswax on the braids to prevent the braids from slipping and making the hair smooth.

Complexity Level: Moderate

Time required: 30-60 minutes

Resources required:

  1. Brush
  2. Hair
  3. Elastic
  4. Beeswax

Estimated Cost: $5


1. Divide the hair into three equal portions: The first step in using the beeswax on the hair is to brush clean dry hair. Then, divide the hair into three equal separate portions.

2. Making of the braid: The next step is making of hair braid. Cross the one between the two and then another one in next two hair portions until the whole process of making the hair braid doesn’t completes. Now tie the hair braid with an elastic hair band in order to prevent the hair braid from opening or unwinding.

3. Apply beeswax: The last step of this method is to apply the beeswax on the braid or the small braids but in small amounts. Make sure that you have light coated the upper, middle and bottom of the hair braid. The beeswax coating will prevent the hair braid from slipping and will make it smooth. If you have intended to hold it for long periods then beeswax help you in keeping the hair braid or braids.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. How to make beeswax candles?

A. Beeswax candle are easy to make and inexpensive. These candles are made from renewable sources that are naturally refilled, which means they are environment friendly. The candles that are utilized for daily use is made of paraffin wax along with few chemicals that provide hardness to the candle. While a candle made of beeswax burns for a longer time and have a natural scent as compared to other candles that are available in the market. Firstly, purchase sheets of beeswax from the store. These sheets are available in multiple colors and also purchase candle wicks. Cut the beeswax sheet at your desired length. Now, cut the candle wick 1 inch longer than beeswax sheet. Place the candle wick on the top of the beeswax sheet on one side and covering the side edges by its 1 inch extra size. Cover beeswax sheet tightly in the candle wick. Fold the beeswax sheet tightly and roll the sheet until there is no more wax left. Slightly press the edges so that wax sticks and doesn’t loosen. The second thing is to cut candle wick on one side. And, the beeswax candle is ready for lighting purpose.

Q. How the bees use their wax?

A. Beeswax is a natural product of bees and used for many health issues. Generally, it is used in candles, cosmetics, furniture polishing and lubricants. The beeswax is secreted by a worker bee. To a naked eye it appears in small transparent scales. It becomes opaque and takes color after the bee munch it. This wax is used by bees to build the comb, which is used for storing the honey. A bee worker covers the cell when an individual cell is filled by honey. The color of the wax ranges depends upon the level of impurity in it.

Quick tips:

Avoid pulling or tugging the hair while combing hair with beeswax.

Use the beeswax when the hair is dry.

Things to watch out for:

In one case, it is harmful for your hair if you don’t remove it from the scalp properly.

Wash the hair with a branded shampoo to remove the beeswax

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