Bedroom Eyes-Tips to Perfectly Get the Look

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Bedroom eyes have always been sexy. From the sensuous Marilyn Monroe bedroom looks to the sexy brown bedroom eyes they have captured the fancy of many a women and have lured many a men towards such pairs of sensuous eyes. And if you already have been blessed with a pair of those sexy eyes, well, you could just perk them up with a little makeup and look like you just had been on a randy roll amidst the cushiony confinements of your bed.

Bedroom Eyes-1

Lay the Right Foundation: Make sure your face is beaming bright before attempting to target the eyes. Apply the right foundation that matches your tone, dab some bronzer and do away with the weary blemishes under your eyes with a concealer.

Get the Smoky Eyes: Pickout the right hues of eye liners for the perfect smoky eyes look. Darker shades like brown, black and grey are the best shades to accomplish this accompanied by eye shadow which possesses some shimmer to highlight the areas of the eye corner and the brow bone.

lower eyelid makeup

Eye Shadow and Liner: Smother your eyes with charcoal grey or chocolaty brown shadow by blending the colors gently throughout the upper lid. Next, the lower portion of the lid needs to be covered with a darker shade ensuring there are no blank patches. According to the color of your shadow pick out your eyeliner and run the pencil along from the middle of the lid to the down to the end. Run the kohl all along the lower eyelid line as well and intensify them. If you wish to create the cat eye look make the length of the line longer going outwards and meeting the lower line outside.

bedroom eyes_7

Final Touch: When all darker colors have been achieved with aptness take up a lighter shade of shadow like beige or ivory which contains a bit of shimmer and smudge it along from the inner corner to the brow bone.

Mascara: The bedroom eyes look can never be complete without the tinge of mascara on your lashes. To apply mascara with perfection coat the upper sides of the lashes first and then attempt the lower side making them pop and appear thick from underside to top side. Use black mascara for the maximum effect and to get the perfect bedroom eyes that could lure him instantly the moments he looks into them.

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