Beauty tips to get that look for a perfect shot

When pictures take the centre stage and the focus is on you, do you try to run away? Let go off your worries now, we have a range of easy solutions to transform your photographs. These simple beauty tips will make you look younger and flawless in pictures.


Gear up for the day with perfect eyes. For this, apply the shadow of your choice and colour the upper rim of your eye with eyeliner. This helps you to have defined eyes, making your lashes look fuller. Next, coat your lashes with a good amount of mascara and repeat. The technique is to apply mascara from root to tip by starting from your lash line and swiping it to the ends. Mascara is the only beauty-weapon that can save you from having dull eyes. If you don’t have any mascara on, there’s no life in your eyes. To give a structure to your eyes and overall face, fill your brows using an eyebrow pencil, this leaves you with an enhanced look.

Once you have done your eyes, select a creamy concealer with a pale undertone – this works for all skin colours. Now, using a brush, apply it under your eye. Then, with the help of your ring finger blend the concealer gently. Be sure to be soft as the skin around eyes is delicate. The final step is to choose a radiance powder which best suits your skin tone and set your concealer using this powder. This helps to brighten up the area. Further, use a brush and add little blush on your cheekbones. To do this, make a fish-face and start applying the blush from the centre of the apple blending it towards the top of your ear. Tap off any excess powder because a little more than needed can make you look like you’ve just stepped off the sets of the movie “Memoirs of Geisha.” Finally, use a moisturizing lipstick or a gloss for a youthful look.


Apart from make-up, a beautiful photograph can be attributed to a number of other factors.  The right smile, for instance, plays a vital role in developing a nice photograph. So, stand in front of the mirror and practice your smile. Flash the same smile when you are being photographed. Also, dig through your past photos to see which angle brings out your best features. Lastly, be aware of the lighting; taking pictures in a well-lit area will result in better photos. You are now all set to face the camera. So, get set click!

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