Beauty Chemistry: Decoded

Beauty Chemistry Decoded

For some women, finesse with hairstyling seems to be as natural as breathing. For other women, you can’t seem to figure out which end of the brush to use. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you know how to perfectly curl, or you manage to burn yourself every time. Any woman can make use of new tips or ideas. However, sometimes you just have to hope for the best and rush out the door. And there is just so much information out there that it seems impossibleto keep track of it all. Every day, it seems as if there is a new product that is required to maintain the optimal health of your hair. But do you take care of all your hair?

The Oft-Seen, Unsung Hair Hero


There are many, many websites that tell you all about hair care. What they know that you may not is that there is one particular grouping of hair that everyone needs to tend to: the eyebrows.

Your eyebrows are a striking and essential part of any first impression, yet many women do not take proper care of them. They may prune and pluck them, but there is so much more to your eyebrows than meets the eye…brow.

The Anatomy of the Eyebrow

To begin, eyebrows are much like the other areas of hair on your head. Much like hair, you need to carefully select the product that you wish to use. You don’t want to apply product to them too often, because, again much like the hair on your head, you can wash away the essential oils that are present on the hair follicles. These essential oils help to protect and strengthen the hair follicles against the elements that you encounter on an everyday basis.

As you have probably noticed, there have been numerous different eyebrow fashions throughout the years. However, generally speaking, women typically describe themselves as more confident with cleanly-contoured brows that frame the face.

Feeling Plucky?


Now, the way that many women manage their eyebrows is a fire and forget method, where you pluck your eyebrows and leave it at that. However, there are times where you can accidentally over-pluck. What then? Well, sometimes it seems fixable with an eyebrow pencil. However, done wrong, that option looks as if you took a marker to your face. So what is a clean, efficient, neat way to make your eyebrows look great, even if you make a mistake?

The Extremes

There are some women who desire big brows but go to somewhat drastic lengths to achieve that look. These treatments include tattooing the desired eyebrow shape onto the faces, tinting, applying micro-pigmentation, microblading, and some go so far as to undergo surgery. Other women aren’t quite as gung-ho, opting instead to use makeup to cover up any plucking mistakes. However, there is a problem. These solutions don’t involve the most important part of the eyebrow: the hair.

The Hair Solution


A more holistic solution is to use a product called an eyebrow serum. Eyebrow serums work by rejuvenating the follicles in your eyebrow and protecting them from any further damage. Usually, this process happens over 3 or so months, but it can also happen in as few as a couple of days. These serums thicken your eyebrows by utilizing the power of biotins and peptides, two ingredients that promote growth by stimulating protein production. This makes your eyebrows denser.

Apart from those two ingredients, many eyebrow serums tend to use different ingredients for various purposes. With that said, looking for the following ingredients is a good idea: calendula, which helps retain brow moisture; Swertia Japonica & Panax Ginseng, which provide antioxidants and vitamin B; and sweet almond extract, which makes the hairs shinier.

Rather than trusting your beauty care to whatever you find at the local drug store, you can find reviews of eyebrow serumson sites like Ultimately, for the perfect brow, you want tried and true serums and solutions.

Final Recommendation

Eyebrow serums definitely aren’t for every woman. However, those who are prone to over-plucking or have naturally sparse eyebrow hair can benefit greatly from these kinds of products. By knowing the key ingredients that ensure success and by shopping smart, you should have flawless, on-point brows in not time.

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