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Have you observed the freshness and perkiness of your blooms as you spray water on them? Don’t they look attractive with small droplets of water sitting on them? Who looks towards a dried, leathery rose? Somewhat similar is the case when you compare a fresh faced individual as against a haggard one.

Our face and hands are the parts of our body which are exposed to the dust, UV rays since our childhood days. The many hours spent playing in the sun, swimming in the chlorine affected tank waters, working with colors and paints have all over the years robbed our hands of its natural softness.

The sight of rough, leathery hands is not very pleasant and this roughness starts to set in when we are in the early thirties. Though it hits us at that time; however, all is not lost.

Hand Moisturizers- Effective Solution


Today, hand moisturizers of umpteen varieties are available in the market which takes care of your hands by endowing it with nutrients that protect and enhance the natural moisture of the skin. Allindividuals who care for the appearance of their hands must make use of hand moisturizers.

Now, the question arises as to when to use this product on your hand? Basically, hand moisturizers ought to be applied every time you wash your hands; however, this is not so practical. A better idea is to use them before going to bed at night.

This is because, at night time, the body repairs the damage caused to it during the course of the day and moisturizing your hands at that time gives it the necessary boost. Use of such products is an added help to the body in its restoration fight.

Which Hand Moisturizer to be used?

A moisturizer which feels good on your hands should be used. It is better to avoid those which contain large amounts of petroleum jelly. The petroleum jelly spreads a layer over the skin of your hand and closes the pores on that area. On account of this, the skin is unable to breathe and throw out the waste matter through its sweat pores.

As against this, hydro moisturizers are a better bet as the nutrients and chemicals in them are naturally absorbed by the skin. These act on the skin and contribute towards the reversal process. Use of such products helps to retain the softness of your hands. At the same time, it is necessary to use quality products which give a guarantee of the ingredients used.


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