Five animal inspired hair sculptures that you can’t dare to wear

Our generation blooms with fashion, broadening its horizons. Fashion awakens the power of excellence within you, making you believe, what you can achieve and what you can create on your own. Everyday our eyes fall upon magazines, visualizing fashion as the growing trend. Certainly, fashion is a never ending trend, which no one can escape. Fashion is not only about getting along with latest ones, but it is also the way of making proper use of unused things in creative way. These days, we have seen plenty of fashionable goodies, some making you look glamorous and some refining your beauty. When it comes to fashion, one thing I would like to mention is the way your hair is managed. If your hair is properly managed, it can make you look exceptional, but if not, it will ruin your beauty. Following are the five animal inspired hair sculptures that you can’t dare to wear.

Bull dog

It seems pretty cool carrying bull dog on your head. The hair style gives you the magnificent look which will bring you to notice in public figures. With this hair sculpture, people will follow you gazing upon the trend you carry on your head with their mouth open.

Lion style

Giving you the wild look, here comes another animal inspired hair sculpture. The style is designed as per the head of lion. The look will make you feel as though you are carrying King of the Jungle on your head. Adding to your audacity, the look will make you look fierce.

Cute puppy look

The style will add to your innocence, giving you the absolute girly look. The hair sculpture is inspired from a cute pet dog. The shining golden brown look will make your skin glow in purity.

Squirrel feel

The hairstyle gives a bushy look to your hair. Designed as per the look of squirrel, the style will make you march with the latest trends in hair grooming. With one of the small animals placed over your head, you will surely astonish the passers by.

Elephant style

Now the strength is all yours, and the good thing is, it’s on your head. The hair sculpture is made with keen observance upon the head of an elephant. It will certainly add to the strength of your hair, making you feel adapting the latest fashion in hair styles.

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