A Useful Guide to Wedding Festive Attire

A Useful Guide to Wedding Festive Attire

You’ve gotten your cousin’s wedding RSVP in the mail. The ceremony is soon and you don’t really have anything to wear. Nothing that you find appropriate anyway.

Sounds like it’s time to go shopping for some wedding festive attire. First, it’s a good idea to ask your cousin what kind of ceremony it is (if it’s not listed on the RSVP). There are different rules depending on if it’s a white tie, black tie, semi-formal, or casual affair.

There are also a few things that you should avoid wearing no matter what kind of event it is. It’s a lot to take in but this guide will help. Keep reading to learn the basic wedding attire rules.

Wedding festive attire do’s

1. White Tie

Wedding festive attire

Not many people do white tie wedding ceremonies anymore but if you’ve been invited to one, you should know that they are super formal. Men, you’re restricted to wearing a black tailcoat with a white undershirt and a bowtie. You can wear white gloves if you want to be really classy.

Women, you’ll need to wear a long formal gown. Be careful not to choose something too poofy because you still want to be able to sit down. Heels are a must.

2. Black Tie

A step down from white tie ceremonies is black tie events. Evening wear is going to be your best bet.

For men, this means a dark-colored tux, a white dress shirt, and a bowtie. Suspenders are also an appropriate choice.

Women, you can pick between wearing a long formal dress and a short cocktail dress. Heels are once again, the most appropriate choice of footwear.

3. Semi-Formal


Semi-formal ceremonies are a strange cross between formal and casual. If you’re a guy, you still want to wear a suit but you get the option to wear it with a tie or without.

As far as women go, you still want to be dressy but you don’t have to wear a long gown. A short and simple cocktail dress will do just fine.

4. Casual

Casual wedding ceremonies call for button-downs and khakis for men. You can also wear a nice jacket if you so choose.

Women can get away with a nice but laid back dress. You can give your feet a break from the heels with a pair of flats or sandals.

Wedding Festive Attire Don’ts

Now that you know what you should wear to a wedding ceremony, it’s time to learn what you shouldn’t wear. Here are a few basic rules.

1. No Miniskirts

No MiniskirtEven if the wedding doesn’t take place in a church, the bride’s traditional parents might have something to say about someone showing up in a miniskirt. Besides that, miniskirts are not comfortable in the slightest.

You’ll be pulling on it and adjusting it throughout the entire ceremony. If you want to avoid this, the basic rule of thumb is to wear a dress or skirt that’s at least fingertip length or longer.

2. Don’t Wear a Heel That’s Too Large

As you probably noticed above, many wedding ceremonies call for the women to wear heels. That doesn’t mean you should wear heels that are so large that they’re hard to walk in.

You’re going to be wearing the shoes for a few hours so do yourself a favor and make sure they’re comfortable. The same goes for men.

3. Never Wear White

Wedding Festive AttireThis is the one wedding attire rule that nobody should ever break. Don’t wear a white dress or suit to a wedding unless you are the bride or groom.

That’s almost as bad as proposing to someone at someone else’s wedding. Almost.

If the bride put on the RSVPs that she wants the guests to wear white that’s one thing but if you wear it completely unprompted, she may have something to say. Avoid the drama and keep the white outfit at home.

4. No Sequins

This rule is less for the bride and groom and more for you. If you wear a dress (or suit, we’re not sexist here) with lots of sequins you’ll end up looking like a giant disco ball in pictures. The sequins are fine if it’s part of the wedding theme but otherwise, don’t wear it.

5. Don’t Wear Revealing Clothes

Don't Wear Revealing ClothesWe understand that you just got stomach liposuction and want to show off but you should avoid wearing anything that shows off your tummy at a wedding.

Clothes that are too revealing will distract from the bride and groom. Not only will it take attention away from the happy couple but weddings are a family affair.

The bride and groom’s family might not be happy with you and parents probably don’t want their children around plunging necklines and exposed midriffs.

6. Don’t Over Accessorize

That fun feather hat you have has a place but not at a wedding. You’ll distract from the bride and groom and possibly obscure someone’s vision of the ceremony.

The feather hat isn’t the only accessory you should leave at home. Avoid bright, colorful jewelry that will distract from the wedding. You should also stay away from jewelry that symbolizes your faith if you’re going to the wedding of a couple with different religious beliefs than you.

Your Guide to Wedding Appropriate Attire

Even if you’re not a part of the main wedding party, what you wear to the ceremony matters. You don’t want to wear anything that’s going to distract from the bride and groom’s big day.

Think about these wedding festive attire rules when you’re getting dressed and avoid any of the big no-nos.

Now that you have your outfit together you’ve got to decide how to wear your hair. Check out the hair section of our blog for a few great ideas.

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