A Guide to Getting Eyelash Extensions

A Guide to Getting Eyelash Extensions

Getting eyelash extensions can be daunting – if you’ve never had them before there are so many places to choose from, so many styles, and so many horror stories that you may have read about in forums that have had you hesitating to make a booking.

In this simple guide we will help you to make sure you make the right choices the first time so that you’re thrilled with the result you achieve.

Find the Right Salon

Finding the right salon is critical because a good salon will ensure that you walk out the door with a set of eyelash extensions that you are completely happy with – if there ever are any issues they will always correct them for you. Alternatively if you choose the wrong salon you run a much higher risk of receiving a result you’re not happy with and leave yourself never wanting to try eyelash extensions again which would be a shame.

1. Choose a salon that specialises in Lashes

Eyelash Extension Procedure

First of all you need to find a salon that specialises in eyelash extensions. Don’t go to a generic beauty salon that does lots of different services and doesn’t have a specialty. This will insure that the lash technician you get will have a lot more experience doing lashes perfectly and will generally be doing them all day every day during the work week instead of doing a few hours of lashes, then some facials a few massages and a few hours of hair removal etc – meaning they’re getting far less experience at lashes per day than a master lash tech.

2. Find a Professional Salon

It’s generally not a good idea to go with a home-based business for your first set of lash extensions. Even though there are many home-based businesses who are extremely talented at what they do you also run a high risk of going to someone who doesn’t have that much experience and possibly has just completed their lash course and is basically practicing on your lashes. Many home-based lash technicians aren’t very good at finding clients so even though they may only do lash extensions they also may only be doing a couple of clients per week so they’re really not getting experienced very quickly and they don’t have the support team of a salon to help them improve their skill or pinpoint the things they’re doing wrong.

Plus because of a much lower budget home-based businesses don’t often have the sterilisation procedures that proper salons do so you run a higher risk of getting things like conjunctivitis or other types of infections due to bacteria.

3. Don’t try to find the cheapest around

Don’t try to find the cheapest price around when looking for lash extensions. If you call around and ask for prices believing that lashes are the same everywhere you will get some incredibly low prices, but you will often be left disappointed because the lash technician you go to probably won’t have much experience and they also will be cutting corners to reduce the costs like having lower quality extensions lower quality glue and just a worse set up in general.

You also don’t have to go to the highest price salon that gives you the best experience however generally with eyelash extensions if you are paying more you will get a better service and a better experience – they are able to charge those higher prices because they are generally just better so can easily find clients even at the higher price.

4. Choose a lash technician who has been doing lashes for at least a year full time

Once you found a salon that looks good ask for a lash technician who has a lot of experience – they will need to have at least one year full-time experience to have mastered the art of eyelash extensions so anything less than that it’s better to wait for a staff member who does have the experience you need, but those staff members may be booked out further in advance.

5. Choose the Right Style


Choosing the right style is something an experienced technician can help you with because the style of your lashes should be tailored to your eye shape and also your face shape along with the environment that you’re going to be wearing the lashes in. If you plan to wear eyelash extensions in a corporate environment that would look very different to if you were getting lashes for a wedding or to go to a music festival for example. A good lash technician will be able to guide you to find the perfect style, length and volume for you.

6. Be Gentle With Them For 24 Hours

Make sure you are gentle with your eyelash extensions for at least 24 hours after the application. Even though lash glue has come along way in recent years and they say it cures instantly and by the time you walk out the door it doesn’t matter if you get them wet, we have found it still good to be gentle and careful with the extensions for 24 hours. That means try not to get them wet, don’t put any pressure on them by sleeping on your face or with your eye squashed into your pillow, and make sure you don’t get any creams or oils on your new eyelash extensions.

7. Get Your Lashes Infilled Every 2 to 4 Weeks

Lastly you need to get your eyelash extensions in filled every 2 to 4 weeks depending on how perfect you like them to look. The natural cycle of your eyelashes falling out every day will obviously cause your extensions which are attached to them to also fall out and over time that can create a gap look to your extensions so you need to go back and get those gaps filled in every 2 to 4 weeks depending on how quickly your lashes shed and how for you like them to look.

You’re now ready to go out and get your lashes with the confidence that you’ll walk away thrilled with the result!

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