9 Hairstyles for Halloween

Hairstyles for Halloween

Halloween is celebrated to mark the day of the evil. It is more of a celebration these days, which features special party themes, uncommon costumes that depict The Evil and obvious merriment concerning the event. As a whole, the Halloween attire demands something special, something wild and wacky so you might often keep on wondering how to do your hair when you get an invitation to attend a Halloween party. Here are nice suggestions on hairstyles that you can take into consideration while deciding to attend such a party. Have a look at some of them discussed here.

1. Neat classic bob

If you wish to sport the elegant look of lady Dracula at the Halloween party, then nothing can be more suitable than to make your hair gathered up into a uniform bob. This hairstyle demands straight and voluminous hair. It is of a length that extends just below the line of the ears and features rounded blunt edges all through. Two flanks of hair protrude and point outwards. The color is classic black with no other highlights or steaks intervening in between. This look is best achieved with a wig than natural hair. Therefore, collect one for you from a renowned makeup and cosmetic store this Halloween. Complement it with black attire and rose red lips for the look you want.

2. The dominatrix look

If you find the dominatrix look is better for you to flaunt at the Halloween party, then you can very well sport this look without much hassle at all. You will be blessed if you have hair that of waist length. Work it up carelessly by using gel and scatter the hair intelligently with your hands. Never use a comb as the nice, plated look is not what you need to do now. Cut the hair at your forehead a bit shorter and scatter them too. Now, you need the dominatrix costume to complete the look. Stick on to the black dresses only for it and wear ruby red lipstick with smoky eyes to finish it off.

3. Crazy desperate housewife

Why not be crazy, desperate housewife at your Halloween party this year? If you are born with blond hair, which has got natural frizz and curl, then you are the perfect one for the style. What to have to do is just the opposite of what you do generally, taming your frizz and curls. This time let them be wild. Give a back comb to your entire hair and apply loads of hair spray to blow up your frizz further. Now, get hold of a 50s prim housewife, floral gown and combine it with your hairstyle. Your wild frizz will really add spark to the party.

4. Frizzy Halloween hairstyle

This is another great hairstyle for frizzy women out there. This hair style will suit all those women with the natural frizz which are really and have wiry texture. It will be even greater if you have a bit longer hair. Get hold of hair dryer and loads of hair spraying lotion to work up this style. Wet your hair, turn your head upside down and blow dry it until the last drop of water on your hair gets dried up. Now, spray generous amounts of hair spray to add further volume to your hair. Once you look at the mirror after this, you might get afraid, seeing a witch staring at you!

5. Red head reigns

Whatever new innovation might come in hairstyles for the Halloween party, but what reigns even today is the red headed, bob style. This is not the natural hair that is being talked here, but a red haired wig that has been reigning the arena of Halloween hairdos ever since. This red wig features a tone of red, which is dusty and has a burgundy tint. It has uniform fringes on the forehead and length that extends below the ear line. This hairstyle and color suits each and every wild and odd Halloween costume perfectly. You will find this wig is every Halloween store without much hassle.

6. Oriental hairdo for the Halloween

Halloween hairdo have never been such oriental yet stunningly weird and wild than this style. You need to have long hairs to achieve this look. Comb all your hair nicely and make side parting towards the right. Now, use hairspray and lacquer to sports the 70s hairdo, featuring artificial, hand made waves. Clip them at the back to hold them in style. Next, leave the entire length of your hair to spread carelessly all over your back. Apply loads of gel to stick them with each other and make them look dirty and uncared for. This hairdo is a combination of care and uncared look. Highlight your hairdo by wearing stunningly bulky necklace or tiara or earrings that will focus the entire attention on your hair.

7. Wacky wig and funky look

Be the sinister woman of the show by wearing a wig that is not of the conventional smooth and sober style. If you have had a conception that wigs were always flat, you are wrong. This wig, that you need to get hold of for the look, is almost a waist length one and has a sandy blonde color. This futuristic wig looks exactly like the uncared and untreated hair of the ugly old witch. After you have put it on your head, tie it all over carelessly, from the nape to the entire length, with pale, dirty looking ribbons and pieces of cloth to reflect the look of a loon. Add wires from within to give your wig a crooked, uneven surface.

8. Hairdo with colored cords

In case you have naturally long, butt length hair, you are in for flaunting this Halloween hairdo. All you need to do is to apply hair spray to make it look frizzy and unsmooth. Now, comb your hair nicely at your back and tie them together at your nape with a band. Cover it with a colorful ribbon or cord. Next, the most important part of the hair style is to wind similar such colorful cords or ribbon through your hairline to the entire hair length. Complement this look with a knee length A-line frock in simple, floral pattern, wear nude lips and give your eyes the super smoky look, playing with blue, navy, charcoal and black. If you do not have long hairs, buy a wig to achieve the look.

9. Renaissance hairdo for Halloween

This style is also best suited for a long haired woman. In case you do not have one, buy a butt length wig. Work up frizz in your entire hair and let it fall loose all over your back. Couple it up with a Renaissance outfit to impart the perfect look.

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