8 Fashion trends that won’t make it to 2018


We talked a lot about vintage fashion trends making huge comebacks in 2017 but what about the trends that should be left behind as we bid the year goodbye? There are so many things that are done to their death till now and maybe it is the time that we try new things and ditch the old trends.

As you step into the New Year, there must be things from the last year in your wardrobe that you must be tired of wearing. Here are fashion trends that we hope won’t make it to 2018.

T-shirts with bold quotes

T-shirts are something our wardrobes are incomplete without but the same cannot be said for t-shirts with bold slogans or quotes on them. Loud, screaming slogans on t-shirts are not cool anymore. The world is moving towards a minimalist way of life and frankly speaking, silly slogans should have been left behind ages ago.

Hoodie dresses

Hoodie dresses

While sweater dresses are a great clothing article, hoodie dresses simply don’t make any sense. Wearing oversized hoodies that end few inches above your knee to give a relaxed and comfortable vibe simultaneously paired with thigh high boots that are uncomfortable- the idea simply doesn’t make any sense. The outfit is neither casual nor chic, and we hope that we don’t see more of it in 2018.

Pom Poms

When pom-poms first hit the fashion industry, they took over everything; from cardigans to sandals, there was nothing that wasn’t adorned in pom poms. While the colorful balls of yarn looked jolly and fun, but we simply don’t wish to see another pom pom earring.

Bomber jackets



If there was one jacket that reigned 2017, it was a bomber jacket. They could be seen everywhere and everywhere in many different styles. Since the variety was high and so was the availability, everyone was wearing them and it got overworked; we are bored of the bomber jackets and would love to try something new.

Corset belts

Corset belts are probably the most anti-feminist clothing piece. They made a comeback in 2017 but the ideology attached to them is still what it used to be in the 16th century. They emphasize on the waist, making it look smaller and sexier. Corsets were good riddance as they promoted an unhealthy image of beauty which simply is against what feminists are struggling against in the modern society. They should definitely not see the daylight in 2018.

Hybrid saris

Hybrid saris

The six yards of elegance never needed any renovation if you ask us, it is something that you could wear year after year and it would still be as graceful as it used to be years ago when women first started draping it around themselves.

But we saw quite an innovative version of saris from culottes sari to sari gowns, we are ready to bid them goodbye, honestly.

Cold shoulder

Sure, the trend did catch eyes when it first showed up but now it is simply done to the extent that it is not surprising. From sari blouses to dresses, cold shoulders trickled their way down to everything and before we knew, everyone was sporting cold shoulders no matter what they wore. We would suggest replacing cold shoulders to make room for latest trends of 2018.

Off shoulder

Off shoulder

Just like cold shoulder, off shoulder too was overdone. The trend was once edgy and emphasized femininity but there are so many other things that you must try. You could try ruffles instead. The flowy and fun silhouette of ruffles can be something new that you can add to your wardrobe this year.

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