7 ways to keep your beauty regimen eco-friendly

When it comes to our beauty regimens, most of us really don’t like to make compromises for the sake of nature. But a beauty routine doesn’t need to be wasteful at all. Here’s our list of seven simple ways in which you can keep you beauty regimen very eco-friendly.


1. Skip single use razors

Single use razors may be a great way to keep your body hair in check but it also contributes immensely to landfills. Invest in reusable razor and razors that come with replaceable blades to reduce your bathroom trash.

2. Use reusable natural fiber wipes and washcloths

Using a new cotton ball every time you need to remove make up may seem like the most sanitary option but it also creates a lot of unnecessary waste. Wherever you can, use a reusable cloth wipe and washcloths made from natural fibers. If you find reusing face wipes difficult, simply buy unbleached wipes made from natual fibers like bamboo that are made organically and are free from chemicals.

3. Make the most of your products

To make the most of your products, chop down the flattened ends of tubes, use something pointy to scrape down the hard to reach corners of jars and shake out products in bottles by adding a hint of water. Extend the life of your makeup products by scooping out the bottom of your lipstick and lips balms with lip brushes.

4. Don’t buy products with excessive packaging

A beauty product wrapped in multiple layers of packaging may be very exciting to unpack but it creates a lot of unnecessary waste. Whenever you can, invest in larger volumes of your favorite products instead of buying more travel friendly sizes and skip products that come with excessive packaging.

5. Skip the blow dry

An estimate suggests that it would take around ten years for two trees to nullify the amount of CO2 generated by a person’s daily 10 minute blow dry routine for a year. To avoid adding to your carbon footprint, you can always skip a blow dry after you wash your hair and let it air dry naturally.

6. Make your face and hair masks at home

If you’re trying to take a green turn, using homemade face masques, exfoliating scrubs, hair masques etc. This is a really simple way to cut down on your spending as well as on your carbon footprint.

7. Save water during showers

You may find it hard to adopt something like the “3 minute shower” in your daily routine but saving water during a shower is not that difficult. All you need to do it to turn the water off when you don’t need it like when you’re lathering up or exfoliating.

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