7 Skin care habits followed by perfect skinned people

Skin Care Habits

Skin is one thing that is visible to all who see you. It sends out a strong message about who you are. Most people make judgments about the people they meet based on their appearance, and the skin is one of the first things that get noticed. For those of us who struggle to keep our skin looking healthy, it is not uncommon to bump into someone in the elevator and be struck by how perfect their skin is. Some people just seem to have skin that calls out to be looked at and admired. They are radiant and flawless, and seem to be immune to the ravages of time and weather. You might have wondered whether this is something people are born with or something that even you can acquire. Here are the seven skin care habits followed by perfect skinned people that you can adopt for yourself.

1. Get yourself regular physical exercise
One of the major factors that determine the appearance and health of your skin is circulation. Regular physical exercise is the best way to get improved circulation to your skin. Exercise that makes you sweat will help open up and clean clogged pores, and improve your skins excretory function. It will also help your body to transport more of the right nutrients to your skin. Of course, a vigorous round of exercise will get you to rest and sleep better, which is vital to good skin.
2. Cleanse your face at least twice a day
The face is one part of the body that you cannot keep hidden away. It has to deal with the dust and the grime of being out in the air and sunlight. The face is also filled with abundant pores that secrete oil. Make it a point to cleanse your face with an appropriate facial cleanser that suits you. If you have applied any makeup to your face, be sure to remove it before you hit bed.
3. Stay as hydrated as possible
Drink at least two liters or more of water every day. Skin health is dependant on the amount of moisture it contains, and long hours in air conditioned offices, or outdoors can deplete the water content in your skin and leave it looking dull and lifeless. You can increase your water intake by adding herbal teas and fruit juices to your diet. Not all liquids are hydrating though. Sweetened fizzy drinks and strong tea and coffee actually end up taking away more water from your system than they add to it.
4. Sunscreen offers long term benefits
The greatest damage to skin comes from exposure to the harmful effects of sunlight. You can keep your skin looking youthful for years by making sure that you use sunscreen whenever you are outdoors. Use a sunscreen that suits your skin, and vary the strength of the sunscreen depending on how strong the sunlight is and how long you will be out in the sunlight. The strength of a sunscreen is indicated by the SPF number or sun protection factor. The higher the number, the more the protection. If you will be out for a long time, you may want to carry some sunscreen with you to apply after a few hours. If you are going to be exposed to water, make sure that the sunscreen you use is water resistant.
5. Stop smoking
Cigarette smoking causes your skin to age and wrinkle prematurely. Typically a smokers skin acquires a dull, dark, almost grayish appearance, along with untimely wrinkle and creases around the lips, the nose and the eyes. Some of this happens due to the puckering action of the mouth and squinting of the eyes to keep the smoke out. In addition, the heat and the harmful chemicals in the smoke also cause damage to the skin.
6. Cut back on the alcohol
As mentioned earlier, hydration is essential for the good health of the skin. Alcohol tends to dehydrate your system to a very great extent. Further, alcohol also causes sleep disturbances which deprives your skin of the chance to rejuvenate itself after a night’s rest. These show on the skin. Cut back on your alcohol intake as much as possible.
7. Your skin is a reflection of your diet
It has been proven that the skin is affected by what you eat. One aspect of having a skin-friendly diet is to eliminate oily and spicy foods and beverages that are high on sugars and caffeine. The other aspect is to have a diet that is balanced. Make sure that you are getting all the essential nutrients in your daily diet. A simple way to do this is to pack in a wide variety of food items in your diet.

Your skin performs several important functions in addition to making you look good. It protects your body, it regulates your temperature, and it assists in respiration. The health of your skin will not only bring you success and happiness in your social life but also add to your overall health. These seven habits of perfect skinned people will ensure that you look good, feel good and stay healthy.

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