7 Ponytail Hairstyles That Would Make You Look Fabulous

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Ponytail Hairstyles That Would Make You Look Fabulous

Ah, the ponytail. Believe it or not, this hairstyle is not just appropriate for your younger years. There are so many different ponytail hairstyles that are age-appropriate for a plethora of occasions.

Not only this, but throwing your hair up into a ponytail is convenient and comfortable — especially on those awkward, in-between days when you can’t decide whether to wash your hair or not (and we’ve all been there).

From the classic, sleek ponytail to the perfectly tousled, undone look, here are some of the most unique ways to style your hair away from your face.

1. The Wrapped High Ponytail

Wrapped High Ponytail

You actually don’t need super long locks to create this hairstyle, but what you do need is elevation. The measure of a great high ponytail is where it starts on the head — ideally at the crown at the rear of your head. The higher your ponytail, the longer it will appear.

Then, to elevate this look and make it a little more chic, simply wrap a thick strand of your own hair around the ponytail elastic and pin down the end with a bobby pin.

If you want to add some volume to your ponytail, why not clip in some extensions before throwing your hair up? Or, you could also get your hands on some human hair ponytail extensions for this very purpose.

2. The Balloon Ponytail

This is a great option if you want to have a little fun with your hairstyle and get creative. In order to achieve this look, you don’t need any fancy styling tools, but you do need a few elastic bands.

Scoop your hair up into a sleek ponytail — remember, the higher the better, so start at the crown of your head. Then, secure your ponytail tightly with an elastic. To create the ”balloon” effect, section off your ponytail into two-inch sections with an elastic at the end of each.

Fluff up each sectioned-off piece with a soft-bristled hairbrush by back-combing it a little for the bobble or balloon effect.

3. The Loose and Low Ponytail

Loose and Low PonytailThis is a lovely hairstyle option if your hair is not very long, but long enough to sweep back away from your face. The loose and low ponytail is the ultimate romantic hairstyle and is perfect for your next date night look.

First thing’s first, you want to wash and dry your hair, then style it into loose waves with a curling iron. For that loose, effortless look, sweep it back into a low ponytail that sits at the nape of your neck. Then, pull out some of the front, wavy pieces to frame your face.

Use a sweep of hairspray over the hairstyle to keep everything in place, even if it’s a tousled, undone look!

4. The Oh-So-Sleek Ponytail

If there was any hairstyle that suits almost any occasion it has to be the sleek ponytail. Have a business meeting to get to? Or perhaps a formal event, brunch, or even a hot date? The oh-so-sleek ponytail is your ride-or-die go-to.

Before you put your hair up, you have to prepare your locks first and foremost. While this look appears effortless, it does take some effort! Make sure you straighten your hair beforehand so that it’s as soft and sleek as possible.

Then, simply brush it up towards the crown of your head and secure it with an elastic. Use some hairspray and a soft-bristled hairbrush to tame down your flyaways for that extra smooth, sleek effect.

5. The Va-Va-Voom Ponytail

Va-Va-Voom PonytailThis is yet another effortless hairstyle that looks great with both short and long locks. The reason for this? Volume, baby. If your hair is long enough to get into a ponytail, you can create the illusion of thick, lustrous hair with just a bit of hair teasing.

For this look, get your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Secure it in place with an elastic. Then, get a soft-bristled hairbrush and backcomb/tease the ponytail to create beautiful volume.

The end result is a ponytail that looks natural, a little ”undone” and even a little messy — almost like you haven’t made much effort (but really, you have).

6. The Accessorized Ponytail

Nowadays, almost anything goes when it comes to hairstyle accessories. And when it comes to ponytails, this is your perfect opportunity to have some fun with all the hair jewels.

For this hairstyle, part your hair down the middle and secure your hair into either a low ponytail at the nape of your neck or a middle-height ponytail. You don’t want a ponytail that’s too high as this can detract from the accessories.

It’s also best if your hair is super straight for this look. Then, it’s time to choose your accessories. From oversized bows to hair ribbons, satin scrunchies, or strings of delicate pearls, the world is your oyster.

This is a great hairstyle for any special event or even just dressing up for brunch with the girls.

7. The Romantic Wave Ponytail

Romantic Wave PonytailThis look is ideal for those with long, thick hair. It does take some measure of preparation though, such as adding some texture to your long locks in the form of loose waves.

But the key to nailing this is look is creating soft, billowy, touchable waves — nothing too tight or frizzy. You want to use a large barreled curling iron for this to create those perfect, loose waves.

Then, tie your hair up in a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck. Pull some pieces of hair out to frame your face and to make it even more romantic, add a ribbon or bow to the ponytail.

Top Hacks for Ponytail Hairstyles at Your Fingertips

You can turn to any one of these ponytail hairstyles when you’re strapped for ideas on how to style your locks — even if you’re on day three or four hair and a wash is imminent! The ponytail is the ultimate default hairstyle that’s always forgiving.

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