7 Beauty benefits of orange

Beauty benefits of orange

Orange has toning and astringent properties and is great for improving the skin texture and complexion. It is a rich source of vitamin c, which is indeed a boon for the skin. Orange, when used as a beauty ingredient, has anti aging qualities and can make the skin firmer. The orange peel is as useful for skin as the orange itself. We have put together 7 beauty benefits of orange. Read on and add orange to your beauty routine.

1. It closes your pores

Oranges do have the capability of closing the pores. All you have to do is to squeeze the juice from one orange and apply it on the face like a face wash. Rinse it immediately. The orange juice shrinks the enlarged pores. The process that you have to follow for cleaning your enlarged pores is very simple. Just dip a cotton ball in orange juice and apply. After keeping it for 2 to 3 minutes you can just clean it. The vitamin C in the orange juice will add smoothness and glossiness to your skin.

2. It gives you instant glow

After reading the coming lines you are sure to fetch abundant amount of oranges the next time you go shopping. If you are applying the orange peel powder regularly during bath this will surely make your skin glowy and silky smooth. Not only this, it just revitalizes the skin and make it satin soft. This further has a long term benefit for your skin.

3. It acts as a skin tonner

During the hot summer days, when the harsh and harmful rays of the sun are damaging your skin, then oranges can act as a skin tonner. Rub half of the orange all over the face and leave it on for 5 minutes. Wash the face with cold water and feel the freshness and tonning in a trice.

4. It cures acne

Orange is a citrus fruit and fruits which are rich in citric acid are an excellent material to cure acne. They act as natural astringent and helps in drying away the pimples. The fruit acid in orange juice exfoliates the skin. The process to apply this is very simple, just mash the grated orange peel to form a paste then apply it on the pimples and allow it to dry for 10 to 20 minutes. Continue doing this every day, till the pimple dries away and totally vanish.

5. It acts as bleach

Stop trying the chemically formulated bleach product and try the natural bleach. The oranges act as natural bleach which is simple and easy to your pocket. All you have to do is to mix the orange peel powder in a little amount of milk. Apply the paste on the skin and keep it for 20 to 25 minutes. After the skin gets dried wash the face with cold water. This is something that you can try ever day other then chemical bleaches which are advised to use once in a month or so.

6. Prevent wrinkles

Orange has superb anti aging qualities. The age reversing antioxidants present in it helps to prevent wrinkles. The vitamin c in oranges increases the production of collagens which keeps skin stiff and moist. So, if you are spending on anti aging creams which are not only expensive but also harmful, then you can try eating oranges daily. That would definitely be a better option.

7. Detoxifies the skin

Oranges does the work of detoxifying the toxin from the skin. This makes the skin look fresher and brighter. Eating oranges help to activate the body’s detoxification process. Orange increases oxygen in the skin and fights free radical.

Apart from all these beauty benefits, orange has manifolded other benefits that work wonder on the human body. It prevents the skin from skin cancer. So, this can be called as that wonder fruit which has numerous benefits.

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