6 Steps for perfect make-up

Make Up tips

Dull and boring make up can often hamper or stereotype your look. Take a cue from us to shed out the dull and boring make-up. Follow these simple tips to get a ravishing look with the perfect make up.

1. Eye candy

Go for big dramatic eyes for the sizzling show this season. Large eyes will lend you an effortless diva look. So you can go overboard with liners and kohl, both liquid and pencil and use a loud coating of mascara. You can also line your lids in smoldering dark colors offset by groomed brows.

2. Luscious lips

Dabbing your lips in peach-pink color will rule your look like nothing else. For a classic pout, skip the lipstick this season and try juicy volume enhancing glosses. Be a loud mouth with gorgeous glossy bright lips. Flashing your ravishing red lips will turn into an ultra-glam babe.

3. Tinted tresses

Change is the thumb rule for trendy divas. Coloring your hair is the trickiest deal to grab that attention as it can alter your look completely. Silver, golden, orange, brown or burgundy, just go according to your skin tone and sway away the hearts with your mane magic.

4. Style your hair

Hair style can turn even a boring look into a fun one. Add oodles of glam sham to your appearance by flaunting various hair styles. Let loose your hair for that care-free look. While for that essential and sultry lady-like party look, a bun can achieve those praises. You can also avoid comb and simply use your fingers for the modern twist to your simple up-do.

5. Shining skin

Glowing skin is always the rage. For that sheen and shine to your face, you can use a serum based liquid foundation traces for your face. It will restore the vitality and will also hydrate your skin. Also a nude cream-based blush will enhance and define your cheek-bones and will provide you the natural glow, ideal to carry you through the day.

6. Nice-looking nails

Nails have always been a way to make impact. Coating them with juicy and dewy shades like red, maroon and magenta can create that enigma. Neatly trimmed and shapely nails add charm and color to your entire make-up skills.

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