5 Expert beauty tricks to try

Make-up artist beauty tricks

Applying make-up is a skill that one can master only with time, however there are always some tricks involved to make you look stunning and ravishing like our celebrities. The tricks that the professional artist know and use when they do celebrity make-up, can also be your tricks if you can successfully master the art. Once you know how to apply it, you can easily see the difference when it is applied on a celebrity. Here are some beauty tricks practiced by make up artists, which you can try to get the look of your favorite star.

1. Face Brightening Trick

Mally Roncal the famous celebrity make-up artist shares a trick to make your face brighten using a concealer that suits you the best. Apply it on inner and outer corner of your eyes, around the corners of your mouth and either side of your nose. This trick will brighten up your face like one of those celebrities illuminating the red carpet.

2. Eyebrow Trick

If you always wondered how the Pop Divas Rihanna or Alicia Keys have those perfect eyebrows, then this trick is for you. Ashunta Sheriff, the make-up artiste for both the uber sexy celebrities reveals the trick to define your eyebrows like a professional make-up artist. Fill in the empty spots using matte bronzer to redefine your face with the perfect eyebrow frame. Another secret trick to a beautifully shaped eyebrow is that you can also use a lip pencil to create the melting hot look as the lip pencils are soft textured.

3. Highlight Cheekbones Trick

You don’t need to sigh, while looking at the gorgeous Kim Kardashian and her beautifully highlighted cheek bones. You can do it yourself as Joyce Bonelli, who is responsible for Kim’s ravishing red carpet looks is sharing the secret with you, a make-up artist beauty trick to make you look million bucks. Use a darker shade of foundation and apply it with a brush. Then blend it with your natural skin color tone using a high quality sponge. Apply the translucent powder to set the foundation and to get the natural stunning effect.

4. Soft Eyeliner Makeup Trick

Have you ever wondered how the eyes of the celebrities look so soft and wonderful without loads of eyeliner applied to it? Here is the secret revealed by Kate Lee, one of the famous Hollywood make-up artists. Wet a high class super thin angled brush to apply super thin layer of liner on the upper lash line. Blend the liner shade to your skin tone until you get the longer lash line and here you are with your very own soft glam eyes to cast the spell on the world.

5. Eye Shadow Trick

Applying eye shadow is tricky and can spoil the entire look if not applied properly. Celebrity make-up artist Tina Turnbow recommends applying classy and hot black eye shadow, instead of the age old traditional shades of indigo, plum or olive green. However, Tina says if you wish to flaunt more prominent and bigger eyes, you should opt for soft and lighter shades.

Above are the 5 make-up artist beauty tricks to try to get the dream look, you have always wished for. Use the tricks and shine like a star.