5 Tips for Choosing The Maid of Honor’s Dress

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Choosing the right dress for your maid of honor can be difficult but fun. Although she should have a say, it is your wedding day, and you must have the final say. There is a fine line between staying true to your wedding vision and pleasing your bridesmaids.

Make sure that you accompany your maid of honor when she goes shopping for her dress. Here are some tips that will come in handy when choosing a dress for your maid of honor:

Consider Your Wedding Dress


Although you are the star of your wedding, you need to coordinate your style with the bridal party. If you choose to wear a dress with heavy embroidery, you should keep the maid of honor’s dress simple. You can pair a lace bridal gown with lace bridesmaid dresses, but make sure that they complement each other.

Before you choose any dress, ask for swatches that you can use to compare. When choosing a neckline, you can either match your maid of honor’s neckline with yours or choose a different one. For instance, if you are going for varying styles, you can choose a high neckline for your wedding dress and a sweetheart neckline for the maid of honor.

Consider Body Types and Dress Styles

One dress style will not suit everyone. You need to look at the body shapes of your bridal party before choosing a style. If you want everyone in your bridal party to wear the same style of dress, you should opt for an A-line style, which is universally flattering.

You can also opt for a mismatched look. As long as the color is the same, you should let everyone choose a different dress style. Your maid of honor will end up in a dress that flatters her shape.

Price Matters

Price Matters

Most weddings have a set budget, but people forget that bridesmaids also invest in them. While most women understand that being a bridesmaid is a costly affair, you should be mindful of their budgets. This means that you should consider the cost of the dress as well as alterations.

You should do your own research to find affordable but stylish dresses. If you want to shop online from sites such as Azazie, conduct price comparisons before buying.

Start Shopping Early

Ordering your maid of honor’s dress from a designer can take a long time. For this reason, you should consider starting your shopping early. If the dress takes three to six months to arrive, you will have enough time for alterations.

Although some designers have rush options, you might have to pay more for a faster production time. To avoid this, you should start shopping early.

Consider the Weather


It is quite easy to be pulled in by a pretty style that you saw online and forget to consider the weather. You do not want your maid of honor to be overheating or freezing during your wedding. If you must have short dresses at a winter wedding, it would be a good idea to provide a coat or shawl that will keep her warm.

In the heat of summer, a long gown can be tolerable if the fabric is light. Moreover, you can give her a fan and bottled water to cool her down as the day progresses. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you should choose a dress that keeps your maid of honor comfortable throughout the day.


The above tips will come in handy when choosing a dress for your maid of honor. Make sure that you involve her in every step, instead of picking a dress without her opinion.

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