5 Tips to choose a perfect lip gloss

Lip gloss

To get that perfect luscious lips you require a lip gloss. Lip gloss can help in extensive care routine for the lips. But, getting the correct lip gloss can be a tizzy task unless you know all about the right one. There are various shades of lip glosses available in the market and you just can’t hog every sample. So, let your lips do the talking and become a muse for your special one. Here are a few tips to choose the perfect lip gloss for your lips.

1. Get the correct flavor

The lip gloss that you apply should have subtle flavor. Rather it should be sweet because wearing a gloss with cheesy flavor can just be awful. Most of the glosses which are available in the market have a waxy taste which is disgusting. So, the first thing which you should look in a lip gloss is its flavor. Some enchanting flavors which you can try are strawberry or rose essence. Secondly, there are some kinds of glitters which are mixed in the lip gloss to enhance the shine, but they can be irritating when applied on the lip. Remember, your lips are very tender and use of such glitters can take away its softness. So, just bid adieu to such glittery lip glosses and look out for plain one.

2. Protection

Your silky lips need to be nurtured. So, look for a lip gloss which has the quality of nourishing and protecting your lip. Protection not only means that it saves your lip from harmful chemicals or dust particles but it means that the lip gloss should have essential vitamins and nutritious minerals that are required for the lip. So, you can look for branded and costly lip glosses, although they cost you a lot but the satisfaction you get after using it is immense.

3. Perfect shine

The main purpose of the lip gloss is to give shine to your lips. So, keep in mind the very need of a lip gloss and buy the one which is having the best shine. There’s even a limit to the shine. Just don’t buy one which is extensively shiny and glossy. Don’t dare to try Lady Gaga’s shiny lips as they look too loud for a normal occasion.

4. Lip gloss according to the lips stick

It is very essential to buy that kind of lip gloss which goes perfectly well with the lipstick that you wear. A right shade lipstick when teamed up with a good lip gloss is sure to give you a ravishing look. For example, you have lips stick which has a dark shade then get a lip gloss with lighter shade. It will complement perfectly.

5. Moisturize

Your lip gloss doesn’t provide that moisture which is present in a lip balm. So, if you think that applying a lip gloss can do the moisture work then you are wrong. So, it is advisable to moisturize the lip with a moisturizer before you apply the lip gloss. This is sure to give your lips a glossy and wet look.

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