5 – Side Gigs that will Let You Experience the Beauty Industry

Experience the Beauty Industry

Whether you are working full time or are hoping to find a part-time job, one thing is for certain: you love everything to do with beauty. From hair color and makeup to manis, pedis, skin care and more, if it has to do with these products and services, you are definitely in the know.

Given your interests, it only makes sense that you are looking for a side gig in the beauty industry. Fortunately, if you want to moonlight on evenings or weekends or make this your regular part-time job, the options abound. As for how to get started, consider these ideas:

1. Work in Retail

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A great way to get your manicured foot in the door of the beauty industry is to work in a cosmetics or other beauty related store. You can start by applying at your faviorite places to shop—chances are good the manager already knows you because you’re probably in there all of the time checking out the latest shades and products. Or, you can also apply online at a number of major retailers like Ulta; this company has a number of retail locations that might be looking for part-time workers, so it could easily turn into a great side hustle for you.

2. Sell Beauty Products Directly

Another great beauty-centric side gig option is working for a company that allows you to sell their cosmetics, skin care creams and other products directly to others. For instance, Amway has helped countless budding entrepreneurs set up their own independent businesses that they can run on their own time, often online. You can learn more about Amway and how it works by either checking out the company’s website—be sure to browse through the Artistry line of cosmetics and skin care products—or by watching Amway videos on YouTube.

3. Consider Freelance Photography

Consider Freelance Photography

If you are talented with a camera, you might look into some freelance fashion-related photo shoots. Ideally, you already know someone in the industry who can help you network your way into some work, including local fashion shows. You could also consider creating your own YouTube videos that feature you doing hair or makeup tutorials; while it can take some time to develop a following on that channel, eventually you may be able to earn some money at it.

4. Some Online Tools to Get You Started

If you don’t really know anyone who can help you get started, or if you are hoping to find additional inspiration for side hustles, don’t be discouraged. There are a number of websites that let you search for specific industry jobs, including those in beauty. For example, has an entire section devoted to beauty telecommuting jobs that are flexible and include part-time and freelance work. A quick search turned up an opening for a freelance Beauty Writer, which can be done from home. also allows you to search for part-time jobs in the beauty industry; you can also use the search engine to narrow down the search to your specific area.

5. Enjoy Doing What You Love

Enjoy Doing What You Love

For someone who adores beauty products like you do, it’s great to know that you can find side hustles that will help you get the extra money you need, all in the industry you love. Who knows? Maybe one of these side gigs will be so rewarding, you might end up turning it into a full-time position.

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