5 Easy Steps to Summer Skin Care

sun careSunscreen is oft-reported to take the lead role in summer skin care. Doubtless of the fact that sunscreen lotions begin and end skin care regime in all seasons, but there are other skin therapies that comes in the fold. An article elaborates on those therapies for complete skin care during summer. They are as follows:

1. Sunscreen – It is not only important to slather sunscreen but to the slather the one with right SPF for your skin. There are sunscreen lotions with remedial ingredients like minerals and essential emollients that can be picked up by people having problem-skin.

2. Exfoliate – Exfoliation is a painless way to remove the dead layer of skin and open the pores for hydration.

3. Hydration – Hydration is the most vital part of skin care and there are various ways of doing it. Drinking water, eating salads and fruits being the best as it detoxifies the skin, moisturiser and facials are other ways to add moisture to skin.

4. Smooth Skin – Softening-up skin actually means restoring elastin back to the skin and they can be done with collagen masks and collagen-rich moisturizers.

5. Adding an edge – While anti-ageing care is important, but precaution is always better and that calls for a bit of therapy, quite before time. Oxygen therapy claims to hydrate skin cells in order to maintain the collagen of the skin.

The above steps needs to be taken seriously in summer to have a wrinkle-free and glowing skin.

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