4 Tips That’s Make You Live a Longer and Healthier Life

Tips That’s Make You Live a Longer and Healthier Life

You could live your life with a pessimistic attitude that no one gets out alive. After all, no brilliant scientist has managed to come up with a magic pill that stops death.

But, talk to anyone who has lived a long life. They will share some brilliant living tips that have allowed them to slow down the ever-moving biological clock.

We collected some practical and very workable tips below.

1.    Be Mindful About What You Consume


Diet is a critical factor in determining good health. You can’t keep eating fatty foods and not suffer the consequences very soon. Obesity and high cholesterol levels come with a host of issues. Health implications include heart disease, high blood pressure, and aching joints.

Change your diet to healthier options containing plenty of vegetables. Cut out or cut down on junk food, processed foods, high salt content, and sugars.

Stock up on live longer supplements, which contain active ingredients that can help with longevity. Live longer supplements have turmeric with the active ingredient curcumin. This can help fight inflammation due to arthritis or joint inflammation.

Eating nutrient-dense foods rich in antioxidants will also provide a further boost for the life-long supplements. Get in at least three servings of nuts every week if you can.

2.    Stay Active

Modern living and technological gadgets have made many of us couch potatoes. This is unlike days gone by when manual labor was the order of the day. You don’t even have to go out to shop. Internet connectivity, online shopping, and home deliveries bring everything to your doorstep.

Remote working means the farthest you walk is from your bedroom to your home office. Lack of sufficient physical activities can harm your health. Try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

No, we are not saying you sign up to a gym this very second. But if you can, why not? A brisk walk around the block should be good enough. You can also find so many workout videos on platforms like YouTube.

How about a dance session at the local hangout on your date night to burn the calories. It sure beats sitting in a restaurant, packing on the calories with that sweet dessert.

3.    Kick Out Smoking and Cut Down On Alcohol

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We don’t need to scare you with the amount of research on the harmful effects of smoking. The warning signs are everywhere, so please heed them.

When it comes to alcohol, you have some leeway as you can still drink. But, a new word must guide your consumption. And that is moderation.

The second point is to drink wine instead of spirits or beer. Wine has high levels of polyphenol, which is a fantastic antioxidant.

So, what is the correct amount of alcohol? Ladies, you can get away with two or fewer units per day, not exceeding 12 per week. Gents, please don’t exceed 14 units per week, at three units a day. Please note that a medium wine glass contains about 2.3 units.

4.    Find Happiness

We can all agree that life can sometimes get pretty hard. It is easy to let daily challenges get you down. But, to live longer, you must adopt the mindset of an eternal optimist. The sun is always bright, no matter how cloudy the day. The glass is never half empty; concentrate on the other full half. When life hands you lemons, get a juicer and make some delicious lemonade. You get where we are going, right?

Happy people look for ways to make themselves happy. It does not matter whether the source of joy comes from within or externally. They are the ones most likely to be dancing along to the guy belting out tunes at the corner stand.

And, do you know another characteristic of happy people? They do not experience high levels of stress nor suffer from depression. Stress can lead to a myriad of health issues, including stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and mental illnesses.

Happy people are a natural magnet for others. You will notice they have a rich circle of networks. Social networks can be a fantastic way to keep off stress. Have that one person or close friends you can confide in when things get hectic.

Finally, embrace the benefits of yoga and meditation. There is something so peaceful and calming when you rid your mind of outside noise and influences. Yes, even a 30-minute meditation or breathing exercise can make the world look much brighter. And, you will be around for a long time to enjoy it.

Final Thoughts

We kept our promise of sharing practical tips on how to live longer. A healthy diet, live longer supplements, and physical activity are things you can work into your daily routine. Kick out or cut down on unhealthy habits. And finally, improve your mental health by finding happiness in your everyday existence.

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