4 Must haves items in portable makeup kits

Makeup travel kits

Travelling by and large is an ongoing activity and we always want to look fresh and radiant end to end. Every person stores the items in their kit based on their individual requirements. A travel makeup kit can stock item assorted from a range of cosmetics to skin care products or tools requisite for application of these ingredients. Selecting what you want to carry while you travel may cause a confusion most of the time. Always bear in mind that you must only pack what will be essential for you during the trip.

Another consideration is the bag you would choose for storage and preservation. It can be trendy and cute but should be spacey and also have multiple compartments. It needs to be well organized. You must opt to pack a compact and easy to carry bag to put all your makeup items in it. The placement of each item should be done in a fashion that if you require anything to be pulled out, it is easily accessible. Also, if any of your cosmetics or creams spills, it won’t mess up your clothes or any other stuff pack. We have listed here, the most essential items to pack up in your portable makeup kit.

1. Start with the base

Your foundation and concealer goes in first to even out your skin tone and cover all the blemishes and scars, then an eye liner, mascara and eye shadow to define your beautiful eyes because eyes speak more than words and finally a blusher, lip gloss, mirror, a pressed or compact powder. They should be organized and placed on top due to constant usage for retouch. Again you may not include all of the aforementioned items but a gloss, powder and a mirror with a hair brush is indispensable. This collection is picked in case your travel involves few hours, for example shopping, office, visiting friends and relatives or a party.

2. Next your skin care

Skin care products would include makeup remover, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, face wash and a nail polish remover. These items are usually included if you are planning a journey for a day or beyond. They are useful both before application of makeup and after application when you are done with your day’s schedule.

3. Makeup brushes and tools

These are included mostly for perfect application of your makeup such as brushes, cotton balls, a tweezers, a pair of scissors and a few application pads. They are crucial because they help in defining your makeup and give that gorgeous finish.

4. Hygiene

A small towel or wipes and a hand sanitizer is a must. When you eat outside or munch on to a packet of chips, it is not necessary that you would find a washbasin or a place to clean up. In such cases sanitizer is a must. The wipes can help clean your face, thus, safe gaurding it against the dust and pollution.

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