3 Ways to Wear Your Summer Dress in the Fall

Wear Your Summer Dress in the Fall

Who doesn’t love fall? But sometimes you might not be ready to ditch your new favorite maxi that you might’ve been wearing all summer. The frock is flattering, swishes in a most satisfactory way, and is more comfortable than my go-to sweats. (If you don’t have a favorite right now, check out dresses from Poppywells. A fantastic boutique. You’re welcome.)

Luckily, if you know how to layer and style properly, you can keep wearing that summer dress well into autumn.

1. Boots

woman wearing good pair of boots

This may seem obvious, but a good pair of boots can Autumn-ize your summer wardrobe. The trick is length. For a long skirt or dress, half or ankle boots look great. They also keep your feet warm as we transition from warmer days to the colder months.

Besides, you want to update your look for fall, so don’t succumb to the temptation of sandals if you have a weakness for them. Besides, boots are just plain cool.

For shorter dresses, nothing is chicer and more seasonally appropriate than a pair of tall, leg-covering riding boots. The combo of a soft, feminine dress with the addition of working leather is timeless. Go for rich, buttery leather that seems to be made for the fall.

2. Tights

Again, a no-brainer. But depending on where you live, you can choose a sheer opaque or go with something a little thicker, like light wool.

For opaque, we suggest something with some design for the fall. Stripes are perfect. Not horizontal wicked-witch-of-the-west-style, though they have their place, but rather lovely, lengthening vertical stripes. The ones from Wolford are just about right.

If you want something more subtle, and if your dress demands it, go plain or pick something like a sheer polka dot pattern.

3. Jackets

woman in wool coat

The right jacket will make your outfit. A short covering in a warm color can transform your spring and summer wardrobe into pumpkin spice loveliness. Camel, felted, wool.All coziness all the time.

This season, especially for longer skirts and dresses, we’re seeing trench coats and lighter, longer coats. And it looks fabulous!

This asymmetrical boiled wool coat is a versatile addition to your wardrobe and would work with a number of outfits.

The trick is to pick a jacket that goes with the form of your dress and doesn’t fight your style. A short leather jacket that’s not too bulky works wonders. A sleek trench that flows with your skirt can look marvelous. Just remember, you want something that keeps you warm and enhances your outfit, and doesn’t take away from it.

Fall might be my favorite time of the year when it comes to fashion. Layering and accessorizing make dressing to impress just more fun when the season allows for it.

Happy Autumn! Enjoy an apple scone and add some pumpkin spice to your latte.

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