15 Prom hairstyles

Prom hairstyles

Prom party is a popular event every youngster looks up to. It is usually a black tie occasion with food, music and full-on fun. Dressing up for a prom is very crucial, especially for girls who get prom gowns and get their hair and make up done by professionals. The hairstyle is very important because it should accentuate the gown and the entire glamorous look you would want to portray. We have, compiled below 15 popular prom hair styles.

1. Half up half down

The half up half down style is simple but fancy and gives you a great look. You part you hair from the front and then tie it or clip it at the back with something fancy or with some hair jewelry. If you are not satisfied with your hair length, then extensions can be added and you can even curl the free flowing hair with a curling iron for those bouncy curls. Variations of this style include clipping your hair half up only to one side, using a flower to accentuate the look and even twisting the sides and clipping them together at the back.

2. The formal ponytail

A ponytail is one hairstyle that will never go out of style. If it is a halter neck gown you have purchased for your prom, then the formal pony tail is the look you should go for. Tie your hair at the back and maybe even curl it a bit so that it has volume. If you prefer to flat iron it, then make sure you get a hair cut beforehand as the dead ends will be on display once you have ironed it. Wrap a small portion of the hair around the ponytail holder and shine it with some serum so that it looks glossy and healthy.

3. Wavy, pinned back

The wavy, pinned back look is a more funkier and casual version of the normal pinned back style. The look would go well with a strapless dress or a spaghetti strap dress. Wear huge earrings but keep other jewelry to a minimum. Avoid the necklace as your hair is going to be left loose around your shoulder, making the necklace seem less important.

4. Twisted up-do

A notch higher than the simple up-do is the twisted updo where you simply twist the sides of your hair and then pin it at the back in a bun. You could go for the neat look or a slightly messy up-do which is still cool. You can then accessorise it with anything fancy, a designer headband perhaps.

5. The side bun

Doing the side bun is pretty simple but absolutely classy if you want to show off those bare shoulders. Blow dry your hair and then pull it over to one side and secure with a band. Wrap it all up in a messy twist and secure with bobby pins. You are going for a slightly imperfect look here, so pull a few strands from here and there and frame your face.

6. Side pinned back

For a soft divine look, pin your hair to one side with a hair clip and leave it loose on the other, letting it fall freely along the back. Curl up the ends or give it a wavy look. Pair with some gorgeous earrings and you are good to go.

7. Curly updo, sleek in front

Another casual yet stylish hairstyle that is in vogue is the curly updo, but with a sleek front. Pin up all those masses of perfect curls around the back and leave the front slick and smooth for a different look.

8. Long hair with twists

If you have long hair and want to flaunt it, go for this look. Part your hair in the middle and twist your hair in Bohemian waves giving you a kind of flower child look that would just match well with a strapless dress. If you want to go modern with this look, then part your hair on the side and add bouncy curls instead.

9. Pulled up on the sides

For those with super long and straight hair, this look is the best. But if you don’t have long hair, that’s also ok as you can use hair extensions and make them look longer and probably do a Brazilian Blowout to make those tresses straight. This style would be perfect for those low back dresses.

10. 30s up-do

The vintage up-do will always be in style no matter what. Loosen your hair a bit in front and pin them tight at the back for a very 30s kind of look.

11. The sleek up-do

A classy chignon or a ballerina bun is what a sleek up-do is all about. It looks simple and sexy and diverts all your attention to the fabulous dress you are wearing.

12. Braided up-do

If you want to go a little further high from the usual twisted hairdo or the normal up-do, then the braided updo is what you are looking for. Braid your hair on the sides or front and then pin them together at the back. Wear dangling earring and your looks will turn every head.

13. The short hairstyle

Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t style it for your prom night. Set it with some gel or just leave it loose to match your plunging neckline and gorgeous accessories.

14. The fake bob

Doing the fake bob will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. If you don’t already have natural curly hair, then get your stylist to curl it and pin it under for a bob look. Leave some strands loose so that it doesn’t look too artificial.

15. Bumpits

Invest in a pair of bumpits, insert them into your hair and significantly increase the volume. You could then leave it loose or tie them up in a funky ponytail, whichever suits your dress.

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