10 Weird spa treatments

Snake massage

Spas are becoming quite popular among today’s stress induced population. Also, many people are reaching out to them for alternative therapies and remedies. We have all heard of massages, saunas, steam baths, etc but spa practitioners are truly innovating to attract customers. There are so many bizarre treatments that are unheard of in our everyday lives. These outlandish treatments strangely have remedial properties and are gaining recognition as beauty therapies. Wild animals, desert plants, precious metals, edible alcohols, etc are all being used by spas to mollycoddle their customers.

1. Beer Baths

Beer has restorative powers – it can unclog pores, make skin firm, and impart a healthy glow to your skin. The Esperanza Resort Spa in Mexico and Chodovar family brewery in Czech Republic has treatments where beer is used to rejuvenate the skin. At Chodovar, the 20 minute beer bath in a special in house brew that promotes health of skin and internal organs is a refreshing experience.

2. Korean Kiln Sauna

An age old practice of sitting by a pine wood fire in a heated room is quite famous in Korea. A jute wrap around the body keeps it balmy throughout the session and also makes one perspire. The unique treatment is relaxing, eases pain in neck and shoulders, and improves complexion.

3. Detoxification with Leeches

Deadly leaches on your body will drink up blood and grow in size until they drop over. For those who can pluck the courage, this treatment has the capability of detoxifying your body. Demi Moore has advocated this treatment which is available in numerous places like Austria as well as New York.

4. Gold Facials

The precious 24 karat gold can tighten and lift skin reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also lighten the complexion. This has incited Eldorado Hotel and Spa at Santa Fe to endorse a gold serum. Umo, a beauty company in Japan advocates gold facials for reviving the skin.

5. Snail Slime Moisturizer

The viscous and sticky secretion from snails can soften the skin and make it silkier. This attribute was initially noticed by workers at a Chilean snail farm. Today, Elicina snail slime moisturizer has become a preferred commodity to revive dry skin.

6. Geisha Nightingale Excrement Facial

Another strange and also repulsive treatment for the facial skin is the geisha facial. Geishas used to wear toxic white face makeup that was harmful for the skin. To remedy the harmful side effects they used a face mask on their skin made from nightingale droppings which contain enzymes capable of scouring away dead skin. Modern day versions involve sanitizing the droppings before they are applied on the skin.

7. Placenta Facial

Pampering the skin with tonic, soap, and facial mask made from human placentas is becoming a sought after treatment. It is known to cure sun damaged and acne ridden skin.

8. Cactus Massage

Mexico uses its abundantly available indigenous plant, the cactus for beauty therapies also. The famous Hakali massage offered by the Four Seasons Resort at Punta Mita in Mexico involves application of a warm mixture of cactus. Only cactus paddies that do not have thorny pricks like cactus meringue and blossoms are used to prepare this mixture. It has benefits like detoxification, skin hydration, and leaves one feeling revitalized.

9. Carp Pedicure

This bizarre spa pedicure involves exfoliation of dead skin by fishes. The carp also known as doctor fish or garra rufa will eat away the dead skin on your feet. There is nothing to fear though, as the fish eats only the dead skin and doesn’t even touch the healthy flesh on your feet. Most treatments have a 25 minute session of immersing the feet in fish tanks followed by a pedicure.

10. Take a Massage with Snakes

Ada Barak’s, a carnivorous plant farm located in Israel, charges around $80 to have your back rubbed down with oil and then have snakes crawling on it. These massages given by snakes are remedial and are known to relive tension. They can cure sore muscles, aching joints, and even migraines. Most patients claim that the massage has a calming effect and the snake feels smooth and cool on the skin.

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