10 Tips to style your curly hair

Get your curls in style

Hair is a valuable asset to one’s beauty. Looks change with the change in hair style. With curls, it becomes little tricky to manage hair yet it gives you some benefits. We have put together a list of 10 tips to help you style your curly hair. Read on to add that wonder touch to your curly hair.

1. Love your hair type

It has been known from ages that straight hair is easy to manage and looks better. But the truth is tossed now. These days curls are getting in. Curls look great and you do not have to put much effort to make any hair style as curls are itself a hair style. So, just love your curls and enjoy every tress.

2. Curly care

It is indeed a bit tough to take care of curls. To ensure that your curls don’t go haywire brush them regularly and moisturize them . This will prevent you from having bad hair day. Apply a good conditioner and keep yourself hydrated.

3. Hot irons

Hot irons are a solution to straighten curls if you do not like their natural way. Any good hot iron will straighten your curly hair in minutes. Then you can transform your hair in a stylish straight hair style.

4. Flaunting curls

To flaunt them, wet your hair and apply a dash of conditioner on the back. Comb and you are ready to flaunt shiny healthy hair.

5. Blow dryers

Good in use but at times only. Blowing leaves scalp dry. It is recommended to let your curls dry naturally. Blow drying would provide a good look but would leave behind dry scalp and hair.

6. Cleaning

Wash greasy curls with some dry shampoo to absorb extra grease. Clean your curly hair twice a week at least. Save them from the harmful sun rays.

7. Hair products

Few hair products can save you from bad behaving curls. Mousses, sprays, gels, and certain shampoos made especially for curly hair are recommended. They let your curls stay beautiful and healthy. But use them at some extent only.

8. Hair styling

With curls, you have handful choices of hair styles that works wonder. To flatten your crown, wear a headband on wet hair. After drying, you will get flatten style on the crown and curls at your back. Braids also work great. No matter what style you are putting on to your curls, just spare every tress from coming to front. Also you can sleep with wet hair. You will find them straight at a fine extent in the next morning.

9. Combing

Combing hair for 2 minutes at least before sleeping can help de-tangle your curls and also provides for better blood circulation.

10. Detoxifying

Pollution, dirt, smoke, etc. fill your hair with lots of toxins. For manageable curls, just detoxify them once in a while. This will enhance the look of your natural curls