10 Things you don’t know about your beauty products

Beauty products

Whether you are 14 or 41, it is really challenging to do without makeup, even for a single day. After all, it’s all about looking good and glamorous among the crowds. In addition, when glossy fashion magazines promote any beauty product, it is difficult not to notice and try them on. But, have you ever given a thought that the product you use for the vitality of your skin can actually expose you to potential beauty risks? As what many scientific studies have already and continuously claimed, several beauty products contain a long list of ingredients, most of which are toxic and non-supportive to the health of our skin. Well, as already said, one cannot live without makeup (especially, teens and women); here are some healthy alternatives to the dangers of beauty products and to shield your skin from any possible damage:

1. Keratin straighteners

Illusion: Keratin hair treatment can smoothen your hair without developing any frizz.

Secret: Salon based Keratin hair treatment might seem an easy way to develop silky, smooth curls within few hours and could be advertised as formaldehyde-free, but reality is far from the truth. A high concentration of the chemicals has been discovered in this treatment. And, getting your hair smoothed and curled every once in a month can transcend your exposure limits to cancer.

Conditioner can provide the similar texture and smoothness to your hair without developing any frizz. You can use a flat iron instead of using a blow dryer for better result. However, smoothness of hair will only last until your next shampoo bath.

2. Permanent hair dye

Illusion: Permanent hair dye can color hair permanently without any hair damage.

Secret: While some studies recommend that women are more exposed to get leukemia or lymphoma if they constantly use permanent hair dye, other reports don’t support any increased health risks. Nevertheless, with so many conflicting results, you should be more cautious when permanently dying your hair.

Rather than dying your hair with permanent colors, you can opt for natural, organic temporary colors such as henna, or vegetable dyes. They can easily transform your hair color without injecting any harsh chemicals to your body, but they also fade quickly within a week or two. Therefore, you can go for a second option, which is to get highlights at your local salon. Stylists use a foil hair wrappers or cap that prevent the dye form affecting your scalp, thus the chemicals remain where they should be.

3. Eye contacts

Illusion: Eye contacts are not harmful for your eyes.

Secret: The trend of using color or patterned lenses to enhance your look is not so supportive to your health. Using these crazy contacts, which are often not prescribed, can lead to eye injuries or eye infection, sometimes it can even cause vision loss.

If you feel like experimenting with your eye color, you should seek an eye care professional instead of buying any lens from ordinary salons or costume shops. Remember, always buy lenses form a licensed source only, to avoid any vision injuries.

4. Eyelash serum

Illusion: Latisse can lend you long, sassy eyelashes without affecting your eyes.

Secret: By using eyelash serum, you can run the risk of serious eye injuries, which can be either temporary or permanent. Also, this drug could darken the skin around your eyes’ perimeter or may turn your eye irises go brown.

You can easily achieve a long lashed look without using any prescription drugs. The trick is to use fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions. But, don’t keep those fake extensions adhered to your eyes for long as they can irritate your eyelids and can even promote allergic reaction.

5. Hydroquinone

Illusion: Hydroquinone is a prescribed skin lightener that dermatologists recommend for melasma and reducing signs of aging. It is effective and cannot affect your skin and its texture.

Secret: No matter how safe you think Hydroquinone actually is, the research says- overusing hydroquinone can contribute to skin discoloration and skin cancer.

The best alternative to hydroquinone is laser skin resurfacing. This procedure uses a special type of laser that helps remove the upper layer of skin. However, there are some low-risk drawbacks one can face, which are- excessive pain, scarring, and of course, heavy expense.

6. Paraben

Illusion: Parabens are the safe preservatives, which don’t contain chemicals and non-toxic element.

Secret: Parabens are the most commonly found preservatives in skin care products, like shampoos, moisturizers, makeup and conditioners. Some studies have shown that frequent exposure to paraben could result into breast cancer, but no strong evidence has been specified yet.

If paraben containing cosmetics concern you, then look for paraben-free products and choose cosmetics that either contains Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) or Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

7. Tanning beds

Illusion: Tanning beds are often used for skin tanning and also relax your body for a while.

Secret: Frequent use of these beds can raise the chance of melanoma (a form of skin cancer). Moreover, tanning beds particularly emit harmful UVA rays, which can even lead to premature aging. Some symptoms of aging are fine lines, wrinkles and dark patches.

To fake a tan skin, sunless tanning products can be used. These lotions usually contain DHA, which helps get a temporary tanned skin. But, make sure to apply sunscreen, even after using these tan products.

8. Phthalates

Illusion: Beauty products don’t contain phthalates.

Secret: Your beauty products such as nail polish, soap and shampoo contain a fair share of phthalates. Some studies claim that exposure of phthalates during pregnancy can influence the development of fetus, especially in the male infants.

To avoid getting affected by phthalates, choose beauty products that are phthalates free. To know whether your cosmetics and skin care products are absolutely phthalates-free; check out the list of their ingredients.

9. Manicure

Illsuion: Manicure/Pedicure is not only a boon for your nails, but it also smoothen your hands and feet.

Secret: Various manicure products are made using an extensive range of chemicals such as acetone, toluene or formaldehyde. These chemicals may result in skin irritation and infection around respiratory tracts. In addition, manicure or pedicure could also lead to bacterial or fungal infection, especially when the equipment is not properly sterilized.

We aren’t saying, one should not get manicure or pedicure done once in a while, but before checking into any salon or parlor, ensure the cleanliness of the place and examine if the equipment is properly sterilized or not. In case, you have a cut or nick on your legs or hands, avoid manicure until your wound is completely healed. Also, don’t shave your legs before going on for a pedicure.

10. Know the expiry date

Illusion: One can use beauty products for as long as he/she wants.

Secret: What’s more dangerous than using chemically laden beauty care products is to use cosmetics that have already seen their best days. Therefore, don’t use your favorite makeup item just because you love its color or you can’t find a similar shade anywhere. Remember, every cosmetic is assigned with a certain expiry date. For instance, a good foundation usually lasts for a year and similarly, mascara for 3-4 months. So, it’s recommended to toss away any expired product immediately after its expiry period is over or you may run a risk of inviting bacterial or fungal infection.

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