What do you need to know about different bikini wax styles

Bikini waxing is a highly popular beauty treatment where women prefer waxed pubic regions to appear more sensual in their bikinis and swimsuits. The waxing styles are different and if you are interested, the simple sounding bikini wax has quite a few options.

Different bikini wax styles, French bikini wax


Waxing the bikini area isn’t embarrassing and neither is it a crime having a desire to have a neat hairless triangle of smooth and soft flesh down there. However, for this, you need to know about various waxing techniques in vogue worldwide. Here we go with a little exploration on the subject.

  • The regular bikini waxing:

Here the hair elimination is smaller in volume compared to the French and Brazilian counterparts. It removes hair around your panty line, below the navel and your upper thigh region leaving a tiny inverted triangle of hair. It would look appropriate before heading for a beach holiday.

  • The French bikini waxing:

Here you are clean shaved down there except a thin strip of hair between your buttocks. This is ideal when you are setting your mind to wear a thong. However, you do not need to go through the ordeal of getting your buttock waxed.

  • Hollywood bikini wax

This involves total hair removal and therefore is time consuming. In Hollywood, the vogue in Salons is to proffer G-string or High bikini waxing where the total hair is removed from front to back. It is practically a navel to bum waxing and you will have your genitals absolutely free from any microscopic spec of hair popping up.

  • American waxing


This is the elimination of pubic hair that is visible by a swimsuit. The trimming depends upon the fashion of the apparel. If you are wearing a bikini, it would be hair at the top of the thighs and below the navel. This is known as the basic bikini waxing triangle. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes time to get it completed.

  • Full bikini waxing

This style of waxing has a natural tone and it is more of grooming up around the top and the sides of your pubes. According to salon jargon, this is known as the standard bikini line. You don’t have to take off your knickers while bikini waxing is being done on you.

  • The Brazilian waxing:

This is the boldest of them all and supposed to be the most glamorous as well. This technique involves elimination of pubic hair from the entire triangular region covering a larger area including your bum giving the pair of bums a smooth and glossy appeal. This is the most painful one requiring you to stretch your legs wide apart to get it done. For getting a Brazilian make over, you need to be a hard core bikini waxer.

Conditions for Brazilian bikini wax

This is supposedly the most controversial of all and you needto abide by certain rules:

  • Wait till your pubes sprout enough say a quarter of an inch by length. If you have it unshaved for three weeks, you will certainly achieve that.
  • Take a couple of pre wax sips of vino which will act as a tranquilizer and get you relaxed.
  • Wear a skirt so that the job is easily maneuverable.
  • Keep your feet together and knees apart for a start. This is the legendary butterfly stance!
  • Concentrate on some deep breathing exercise while the job is on.
  • Face the fact that it is going to hurt a bit. Larger your bulb, greater is your discomfort. However, once you turn seasoned the pubic hair would turn finer and your bulbs smaller.
  • Make sure your pubic area is tidy.
  • If you are on period don’t get disheartened. It is possible during the deluge as well. You have to wear a tampon in that case.
  • If you have sunburn or you are on prescription drugs for treatment of acne, Brazilian waxing is the last thing to do.
  • Don’t do it before going to the sea because waxing causes skin peel offs making it vulnerable to the salt and sand.

Bikini waxing certainly reflects a fashion statement and opting for the trendiest bikini waxing style can add to your sensuality to a great extent.

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