How to wash your face

A face wash

Beautiful, glowing and radiant skin is something that everyone seeks. There are thousands of creams and lotions available to enhance one’s looks and more are being pummeled into the market with each passing day. Make-up kits to lend color and glow to the facial skin are also available in plenty. However, maintaining a clean and glowing face starts with a good face wash. If you ask anyone whether they know how to wash the face, they will reply with an astounded affirmative. Nobody will ever agree that they do not know how to wash their own face. But washing the face too has its own technique to ensure best results. It is a science in itself! We detail here the best procedure to wash your face so that your skin remains healthy and you have a glowing look.

1. Remember that the hands clean your face

Let us always do first things first. The hands are our primary tools to wash our face. It would be detrimental to our efforts to maintain a clean face if the hands are dirty. It would do very good to wash the hands thoroughly before you attempt ashing your face. Use soap to remove the dirt on the hands. Wash with an anti-bacterial liquid to make sure that there are no germs on the hand.

2. Make the face a clean slate, ready for cleaning

The face is also the site for maximum make-up and other add-ons. It would be recommended to remove all the make-up on the face before you go for a wash. You could use a make-up remover for this purpose. You could also use a cotton pad that has been soaked in olive oil to do the same. Removing all traces of the make-up will ensure a better cleaning when you wash your face.

3. The middle path is the way to go with water temperature

Cold water contracts the pores which may be holding the dirt. Thus it is not preferred for a good face wash. Warm water helps to open pores and loosen the accumulated dirt. It would be ideal for the face wash. But make sure that the water temperature does not go too high else you may suffer from burns and ruptured capillaries. The face will get pink or red if the temperature of the water is high.

4. Use the product in the proper way

The cleansing agent or soap that is going to be used will have directions for use. Usually these are indicated on the container itself. Read the instructions carefully before you attempt to use the product and follow the instructions. The best way to apply the cleansing agent would be to beat up a lather of the cleansing agent between your palms. This kind of emulsifying of the cleansing agent will help to apply it on your face in a better manner and also aids better cleaning.

5. Applying the product in the correct manner

Once you have worked up a rich lather in between your palms, the most important part of application comes in. Work your fingers and palms gently over your face in a circular manner. The circular motion will stimulate the flow of blood into the face. This will help the face in getting better oxygenated. You could also apply the cleansing agent in a similar manner over your neck too.

6. Using the proper rinsing method

You could splash warm water gently on your face and neck to rinse them. Do not rub your face or neck with your hands. Just splash the water. Once you wash your face with lukewarm water, you could also use cold water to rinse as well. As stated earlier, cold water will contract the skin and close the pores. This is a good thing to do after the wash for it prevents dirt and oil from accumulating in the pores again.

7. The drying method is also an important part of the wash

The best way to dry the skin would be to dab it with a soft towel. Wiping the face will cause the skin to get rubbed and eroded. Keep dabbing till the face gets dry. It is important that the towel be washed after each use. This is because, there will be a build up of bacteria in the moist towel. The bacteria will grow and if you use the towel the next time, it could affect the skin on your face too.

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