Wacky DIY beauty solutions that women use

by DrPrem Jagyasi

While cosmetic products are rather popular in hiding flaws, there are a lot of other “cheats” that women use as beauty solutions. Here are some of the top DIY solutions that are as whacky as they are popular.


1. Toothpaste helps fade spots and marks on the skin.

2. people with blonde hair can brush talcum powder on their roots to make it look less greasy and fresher on days when one doesn’t have the time to wash and style it.

3. A natural blush can be achieved by pinching cheeks.

4. Using hair conditioner instead of shaving cream or soap results in smoother legs.

5. Hair can be naturally highlighted by applying lemon juice for a few weeks.

6. Insect bites can be healed faster by applying toothpaste on it.

7. To keep bottles of nail polish fresher for longer, they must be stored in the refrigerator.

8. Eyebrows can be made to look neater, well shaped, thicker and shinier by applying Vaseline.

9. If you run out of blusher, you can use lipstick to get a glossy color on the cheek.

10. If your nails are broken, you can use super glue to put them back together. This prevents you from having to trim them at awkward angles.

11. Adding soap to soap lather or shower gel can help exfoliate if you don’t have body scrub.

12. If you don’t have access to a hair straightner, you can use a regular clothes iron to get flat hair.

13. To whiten the tips of nails, you need to dip them in lemon juice for some time.

14. To prevent eyeliner and lip liner pencils from smudging when applied, you can store them in the fridge.

To get rid of fake tan on palms, you can apply whitening toothpaste on it.

15. Hair dye can be reversed by applying tomato ketchup on it.

16. Freckles can be removed by rubbing fresh strawberries on them.

17. To make lips appear fuller and poutier, you can add peppermint oil to your lip gloss or lip balm.

18. Body hair can be bleached by adding water and brewer’s yeast and applying it on the skin.

19. To give hair hold and texture, you can spray lemonade on damp hair.

20. Smokey eyes can be achieved by using soot from a burnt match.