Ultrasound Facial is the talk of Celeb Town


Celebrities try quirky, weird ways to keep their face glowing and charming as always. In fact, these days a number of celebrities are trying an agonizing but effective ultrasound facial.

Dr Rita Rakus, in her famous clinic at London, employs a unique technique to make you look younger by years. A skin tightening process, Ulthera is a face lifting device that does not require surgery. It claims to shrink the face from inside tissues and make the loose skin go tight. It promotes growth of new collagen layer as well.

Instead of using light waves, the process uses ultrasound energy to heat up superficial muscular aponeurotic system present underneath the skin. The method is similar to a plastic surgeon performing a facelift causing skin to condense.

Although extremely painful, the process is highly non-invasive, and thus it has passed Food and Drug Administration test with flying colors. Its popularity has reached stars like Courtney Cox. However, the pain can be so intense that even the toughest women might end up crying and leaving the process midway.

Few cosmetic surgeons have shunned this procedure as they find it inhuman to inflict that sort of pain, no matter how efficient it is. One of the doctors has even said that, “Everyone said it was horrific, excruciating.”

High dosage painkillers like Valium and even sedatives are injected so that the patients can tolerate the process. For patients not taking either of the two, ibuprofen and paracetamol are prescribed although the pain level can be few notches higher.

The doctor usually marks an area of skin that is going to be treated and the machine is touched at that point. A discomfort usually indicates that new tissue has started to form. Surgeons prefer to start off with the skin sections that need most treatment, in case the patient cannot sit through the treatment. Hence the level of pain and treatment positions varies from patient to patient.


While most people who know ultrasound as a harmless imaging tool may be in for a surprise as the concentrated waves can be too powerful as in the case of Ulthera. The treatment takes about an hour and the skin can stay red for some time, but the full result will be visible after some months. The result is something that can make you go wow! So give it a try only if you are ready to feel the heat.

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