Tips to look beautiful forever

by DrPrem Jagyasi

We all want to look beautiful and like movie stars. We love having everyone stare at us as we walk into a room. A research study says that women spend close to INR 100,000 in their lifetime on makeup. However looking beautiful does not require so much money and time. You can follow the simple 5 steps below to stay naturally beautiful all your life.

young woman drinking with waterglass

1)      Drink plenty of water every day:

It is important to consume a lot of water. I am sure you may have heard that as well, however, the reason why it is very important is because the body consists of mostly water. You lose water while urinating, sweating, plus your daily activity. In addition, the tea and coffee you consume each morning, along with the alcohol you drink socially cause you to lose water. Lacking the necessary water in your body, your skin will begin to look dull and dry. The skin is also more prone to wrinkle and flake. When you get enough water, your skin is soft and appears younger. Try to drink around 8 to 10 glasses each day.


2)      Do exercises daily:

Get moving. You have likely been told you need to exercise, however, you may not understand that you can do many different things to exercise. Being active is essential for a lot of reasons, such as circulation, heart health and more. In order to keep yourself moving it is important to find a way to move your body in ways you like. For just one person, it may be joining the gym. Another might enjoy taking a walk or just dancing. Whatever activity keeps you fit and active will certainly help you stay looking beautiful since staying fit is the key to staying beautiful throughout your life.


3)      Dress appropriately:

Always dress according to your age. Many women, as they age, start liking clothes that the people of the younger generation are wearing. They may be attracted to plunging necklines and hip hugging pants, and become frustrated when they can no longer fit those clothes. The simple truth is dressing younger than your age only happens to accentuate how old you are. A person looks a lot more fresh and lively in clothes that fit you and also are appropriate to your age.

Female with eco shopping bag filled with groceries

4)      Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits always keep your fresh soft and glowing. Also, eat a healthy diet every day.


5)      Avoid using hair appliances (like hair iron, hair straightener and so on) as much as possible to minimize hair damage and hair fall.

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