The ideal facewash for Winter Skincare

Every 5 members among 10 are suffering with skin problems these days. Moreover, the people with dry and sensitive skin have to take lots of skin care especially during winter, as it may cause acne and breakouts. Using the chemical prone soaps, creams etc are the main reasons behind the acne breakouts. However, a little bit of care makes your skin so soft and look fresh. Here, you need to remember the saying called ‘first impression is always the best impression’. Thus, if your face looks clean and clear everyone around you starts building a good opinion on you. Besides, you need to also remember the fact that it is your face which reflects your thoughts. After doing lots of research we have bought two ideal and natural face wash for your winter skin care. Have a look on it!



  • Firstly take a cup of tepid water in a bowl
  • Now, take a tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it with the lukewarm water
  • Now apply this mixture to your skin and leave it for around 30minutes
  • Make sure that you do not rub this mixture on your skin, just apply it gently on your skin
  • Try to use either your finger tips or cotton ball for applying the mixture to your skin
  • After 30min, wash it with lukewarm water

You’ll definitely find a great change from the first wash itself. This would be the best and ideal face wash for winter skincare. You can also apply some moisturizer after cleaning your face with lukewarm water. The ideal time to use this face wash is before going to bed, as your face will not be exposed to pollution during night. It also brings a great glow in your face.

 Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash Swatch



This below face wash is another ideal face wash which treats you dry and dull skin problems effectively. All you need to do is apply the below mixture and leave it for 20minutes. After this wash your face with tepid water.

  • Firstly take a cup of tepid water in a bowl
  • Now, add a tablespoon of honey to the lukewarm water and mix it well
  • Now your face wash is ready


Using the above face wash will definitely provide the best skin care during winter. But make sure that you avoid using soaps in winter as it affects your skin in a very worse way. However, if you don’t have time for doing all this, you can also prefer the Neutrogena or pears face wash for best winter skin care. Pears would be more ideal as it consists of only glycerin and no harmful chemicals. For men lavera would be their best choice.

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