Some Important Things to Know About Gel Manicures

Gel manicures are all the rage these days! They make your nails look glossy, absolutely gorgeous and a long lasting coat with no limit to the creativity in design and color. However, where there are pros, there are cons too. Here are some important things you need to know about these gel manicures before opting for them.

They are different than acrylic nail manicures

Acrylic nails feature a powder dipped in solvent to help in growth and strengthening. Most of them are clear toned. Gel manicures however, are hardened with the help of UV or LED lamps and come in various nail polish shades. They are used mainly for decorative purposes.

They are more expensive than acrylic other manicures

Gel manicures range in pricing from about $35 to a couple of hundred dollars. The cost of the manicure depends on the area the salon is situated in to a great extent. Of course, it also depends on the design and style you want, and can vary with the complexity of the look.

They take longer to apply

If you don’t have time, opt for a regular manicure which will be done in a few minutes. Gel manicures take a relatively longer time, almost half an hour more than regular manicures. So you will need to have the patience to sit through the manicure if you opt for a gel based one.

They last for up to 3 weeks

The good thing about gel manicures is that they can last for at least 2 weeks without peeling or losing their gloss. Gel manicures are therefore the best solutions for those who have back to back events to attend to. However, how long the gel remains on the nail also depends on your body condition, the products used for application as well as the way in which it is applied.

They can damage your nails

One of the main cons of gel manicures is how they increase the risks of nail damage. This is usually evident while removing the manicure. There are chances that you may scrape away the top layer of the nail while peeling away the manicure. Your nail beds and cuticles are also at high risks of being damaged while removing the manicure. This is why it is considered wise for you to visit a salon when choosing to remove a manicure in order to minimize the possible damage to your nails.

They can cause UV damage

Gel manicures are hardened using UV light. The same UV light that is used to cure the mani can increase your chances of getting skin cancer or melanoma with prolonged exposure. It is considered wiser to opt for LED light cured gel manicure to avoid this risk altogether. Otherwise, you can apply some sunscreen on your skin and nails before going to the salon for the manicure.

They can be removed easily at home

Although many advocate the importance of having a gel manicure removed at a salon, there are ways in which you can remove it at home without damaging your nails in the process. The best trick is to use a gel nail polish remover or 100% acetone solution. You can get both at a beauty or drug store.

Use a cotton ball to slowly apply the gel remover or acetone on the nail. Once applied, wrap the nail in foil and then a warm hand towel. After about 15 minutes, check the manicure to see if it is sliding off or crumbling.

If so, use a cuticle pusher (use a rubber ended one for more safety) to gently clean the gel from the nail bed without filing or scraping it. Once the gel manicure is removed completely, massage some moisturizer on the nails to make up for the dehydration that follows the removal process. 

Gel manicures may look beautiful, glossy, and super shiny. However, they do come with their share of advantages and disadvantages one should know about before opting for them.

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