Red Lipstick: 10 Best Shades

Lipsticks are indeed an integral part of makeup for women. Makeup is considered incomplete without a perfect lip color, which suits your look. The color red has always represented boldness and glamour, and women always use it as an instrument for making a style statement. Red lipsticks have been around for a long now and are still very popular. Along with giving you the right shade of red, cosmetic companies are making sure that the lipsticks have all the essential moisturizers that keep your lips supple and soft. Given below is the list of 10 best red lipsticks, take a look.

1. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick 500 Diva Red 4g
BRAND : Rimmel
PRICE : USD 8.35

Rimmel aspired to bring you a lipstick that not only gives your lips a good color, but also makes you experience a soft and smooth touch. This lipstick has a deep red color with high gloss content. Collagen, polypeptides and hyaluronic acid are the three super moisturizers which will ensure that your lips remain hydrated. The color complexes of this lipstick contain vitamin A, C and E along with antioxidants and SPF 20.


The lipstick has a very intense and rich color. A single coat is sufficient for obtaining a smooth and glossy finish.

The lipstick comes with SPF 20 and protects your lips from the harsh sun.
The triple moisturizers ensure that not only are the lips conditioned immediately, but they also get conditioned over time.
Your lips will remain hydrated for long after using this lipstick.
The lipstick is skin friendly and will not irritate the lips.

2. Pure Lipstick – No.68 Venetian Red 3.5g/0.1oz
BRAND : Yves Saint Laurent
PRICE : USD 33.12

This red lipstick has a dark shade with a slight maroon touch. The shade is bold, but not too loud and can be used on a daily basis. It is neutral and will match with any dress. It has been terminologically tested and is safe to be used on lips. It contains all the required conditioners that will keep your lips moisturized even after the removal of lipstick.


A great shade of red and good composition of moisturizers make this lipstick a must buy. It has been infused with a soothing fragrance, which adds more allure to it.

The lipstick has a long lasting formula and it will cover your lips in just one coat.
The moisturizers will protect your lips from chapping even after the removal of the lipstick.

3. Dr. Hauschka Lipstick
BRAND : Dr. Hauschka
PRICE : USD 31.4608

This lipstick has a matte red shade and gives a very natural and sophisticated finish. The velvet touch of this lipstick and the subtle tone combined together, makes a great package. All ingredients used for the lipstick are natural. It is composed of rose petals, almond extracts, jojoba oil and certain selected waxes. To keep your lips hydrated, the lipstick has been infused with shea butter.


This lip color has a great shade, which is both rich and captivating. All ingredients of the lipstick are natural and free from harmful chemicals making it a safe cosmetic product.

The smooth formula of the lipstick will ensure that it glides on your lips smoothly and naturally.
The chemical free lipstick is not only safe for skin, but also will not harm your body if taken in.

4. Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick
BRAND : Signature Hydra
PRICE : USD 29.95

This red lipstick is very classy and will enhance your bold looks even further. The creamy and smooth texture of the lipstick along with sophisticated shine it embodies, makes it more desirable. It has been infused with rich moisturizers and conditioners, which preserve the suppleness of your lips and keeps them healthy. A long wearing formula ensures that repeated application is not required.


It is creamy, long lasting and hydrating.

Infused with rich conditioners and moisturizers, this lip color will make your lips very smooth.
The lip color is packed in an attractive lip case with a smooth sliding mechanism for rolling.

5. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick – 3.5g
BRAND : Elizabeth Arden
PRICE : USD 25.63

This red lipstick is a perfect resort for those of you who are looking for a red shade lip color that is soft, smooth and will make you look younger. The triple complex ingredients of the lipstick ensures that your lips remain nourished and supple. Also, this lip color is saturated and infused with volulip, which delivers a brilliant moisturized color.


The shine of the lipstick is breath taking. It will dominate your looks and make all eyes turn back at you.

The lipstick will keep your lips moisturized for 20 hours in a go.
The smooth finish of the lipstick will hide all vertical lines on your lips.

6. Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick Lush Red 4g
BRAND : Elizabeth Arden
PRICE : USD 22.08

A red luminous lip color with creamy and long lasting formula forms the essence of this lipstick. This lip color has been clinically tested and also approved by dermatologists. It will mark your lips with softness and a single coat will be sufficient for covering your lips well. The exceptional shine of the red color will make you dazzle any place you wear it to.


The rich, creamy and long wearing formula of the lipstick gives it an exceptional shine along with moisturizing and nourishing your lips.

The lipstick will not only moisturize your lips on application, but will also keep them nourish so that they feel soft even after removal.
It has been approved by dermatologists.
It is glamorous and sensual and will leave the on lookers mesmerized.

7. Clarins Rouge Prodige – True-Hold Color & Shine Lipstick 3g
BRAND : Clarins Rouge
PRICE : USD 21.45

Glamorous and rich color, this red lipstick will become a dominating aspect of your looks. An all new formula promotes the depth of the shade and also moisturizes and nourishes the lips. Botanical wax used for the lipstick makes sure that it has a lasting hold. The pigmented red color has been derived from a new generation pearl polymer. It has a great shine, which is an outcome of the ultra fine plant oils used as a major component.


The radiant red color of the lipstick along with the ceramide and wax composition gives you a long lasting and nourishing lip color, which will surely make you fall in love with it.

The composition of the lip color will ensure that your lips remain hydrated and also protected against all other forms of harm.
Repeated application is not required as the lipstick has a long lasting formula.

8. Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick – 3G
BRAND : Joli Rouge
PRICE : USD 20.9

This red lipstick by Joli Rouge is incredibly soft, smooth and has a great texture. This lipstick has a very intense color with enhanced shine that will satisfy your make up requirement. It has been infused with a fruity flavor, which tastes good and keeps your lips refreshed. The main ingredient used for the lipstick is mango butter which nourishes your lips well.


This fruity flavor lipstick is very refreshing.

Not only does the lipstick has a great shade, but also it has a special formula that will repair and nourish your lips, protecting them against dehydration.
The color will stay on the lips for long, retaining all the shine and gloss.

9. Max Factor Color Collections Lipstick
BRAND : Max Factor
PRICE : USD 11.49

It is hard to find that perfect red color lipstick, which will not only suit your complexion, but also keep your lips protected. The subtle red shade of the lipstick is not too light and not too haughty, it will suit all complexions. The lipstick will make your lips soft and supple. It can be worn on a routine basis. The vitamin content of the lipstick will keep your lips protected.


This lipstick has a very refreshing red color, which is not too loud. It will stay on your lips for a long time and keep them hydrated.

The lipstick is skin friendly and also nourishing.
The soft and smooth touch of the lipstick will stay for a long time, so you need not worry about repeated application.

10. DIOR Diorific lipstick
PRICE : USD 15.95

This lipstick has a luxury touch of Dior spirit. Saturated red color has been used for it. The special formula of the lipstick ensures that harmony is maintained between the hold of the lip color and the comfort it provides to your lips. The soft and smooth finish of the lip color is very amazing and will make sure that your lips nestle in all the comfort possible.


Rich texture and intense color has been combined together to bring you a delightful lipstick. It is packed in an attractive lipstick case, which makes a perfect gift.

The lipstick is infused with required conditioners which make your lips very soft.
The lipstick will smoothly glide on to your lips and hide all the vertical lines, leaving a smooth and rich color on your lips.

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