Nude Lips–How To Flaunt Them if You Are Dusky?

Lips are assets of all women. It symbolizes the beauty and passion of a woman. However, it is very important to take care of your lips in the right possible way. The best looking women are dusky beauties. How do they appear so sexy? Here a few ways on how to flaunt nude lips if you are dusky.


A nude lip if flaunted in the wrong way can let down your appearance. Therefore, it is very important to flaunt your lip in the right way. Nude lips usually go with any type of looks however if you are dark, you can follow these simple techniques.

Ensure that your lips are smooth and soft

A nude lip color shows off much more than a normal lip color. So it is important that before applying the same your lips are soft and smooth. Ensure that there is no hanging skin and they are flake free. In order to keep your lips smooth, mix a bit of olive oil with honey and then apply it on your lips. This will create wonders on your lips.

You can also exfoliate your lips with sugar or some salt and then rinse it off. Before you apply a nude lip color, ensure to apply some balm on your lips for that softening effect.


Choose the right kind of nude color for dark skin

There are assortments of nude lipsticks that complement each and every skin tone. However you should choose your lipstick that suits your skin tone. If you are the duskier type, peach based nude tones will look good on your lips. 


Applying a concealer 

If you truly want to give your lips that nude look, apply a concealer that matches with the color of your skin. Try and cover up the natural lip line carefully so that it is not revealed. The natural color should be a tone darker than the original lip color.

Apply a peach colored or light colored lipstick

If you are dusky, apply a lipstick that has a matt finish. A hydrating nude lipstick of a light color will make your nude lips look great. Put on a lip gloss for that complete look. Try avoiding lip sticks that are very dark colors for dusky skin tones.

Try out these tips for a dusky skin tone and you will have all heads turning at you.

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