Nails Guide

The wild beauty: Snakeskin nail art

Nail art has become a trend these days. Nail art is purely artistic and is a result of a perfect creativity. Unlike the old times, the present trend has shifted from being cute to being wild. The nail art usage includes the waste by-products of various wi

Nail color for December: Purple

Purple Passion, as is called in the fashion world, has taken over this month to be a part of your warm attire, disguised as the wonderful shade to compliment your nails and coordinate well with your personality and outfit. After an array of neutrals and e

How long should a professional nails manicure last?

I want to go for a nail manicure but before that I want to know that for long the professional nail manicure lasts for. My nails usually don’t grow much and I prefer a medium to long nails every day. I am going on outing for 15 days, so do you think it

8 Scary facts about nail salon

Just because we love our toes and nails to be squeaky clean and take less than a second to fix a salon appointment, it nowhere means the luxurious treat will always do well when it comes to servings its ‘purpose’. Whether you want to pep your nails up

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