Do you really need makeup primer?

Makeup primer

With the invention of makeup primers as a new product in the sector of cosmetics, the number of people using it have also increased manifold. While some say that they are really happy to see how they can carry their makeup for a much longer duration now than what they used to do earlier, views contradicting the same also exist. These anti views stress upon the impact of these makeup primers on skin and other health hazards that may follow with time. Now the question is, how effective are these makeup primers in reality and is it worth buying such a product? Lets have a look.

What does the makeup primer do?

The basic function of makeup primers is to hide the flaws of the facial skin. It creates a thin film over the scars, fine lines and wrinkles, without clogging the pores. It also adds longevity to makeup. It makes the makeup look fresh even after hours of application. Tinted primers are effective in camouflaging discolored, pigmented skin and age spots too for a temporary period of time.

Who really needs it?

Makeup primer is essential for those who have problem skins and lack the luster and youthful glow. Women with oily skin cannot keep their makeup intact for hours. The over secretion of natural oil melts away the makeup. Primer acts as a barrier against this melting process to a greater extent. The scaly and patchy skin conditions of those with dry skin are also cured with the application of primer. Even those with normal skin can make their makeup look fresh and bright for a longer time with primer. Those with deep set dark circles can also camouflage them beautifully with primer. One essential benefit that is noteworthy is that it forms a protective barrier against makeup and skin and helps in warding off the skin damages that can be caused due to makeup.

Makeup primer vs lotion

You might often get confused if makeup primer is more effective or lotion. Lotions act as skin hydrants and when applied soak deep into the skin and impart health glow. But most of the times, lotions tend to turn dewy and impart an unwanted shine to the skin. But makeup primers, when applied onto the skin create a smooth surface which is shine free, yet the skin looks hydrated.

Using lotion is essential. But choosing the right one is difficult as you have to know your skin type and the specific problem it faces. On the basis of these considerations, you have to go for the right lotion. But choosing primer is a simpler process in comparison. Those with vitamins and antioxidants work effectively for all skin types in hiding the skin flaws. Similarly, those with oily skin can go for silicone primers without any confusion as those absorb the excess oil from the face and prevent melting of makeup.

It is a great product for women with dry skin as the extra nutrients present in it and the moisturization provided is better than regular lotions.

The downsides of makeup primer

While makeup primers are a great option for fashion conscious generation in the recent times, there are certain disadvantages too that need to be taken care of while opting for the same.

Makeup primers comprise of a great deal of nutrients and vitamins that are either nature based, like lavender, rose, grape, orange extracts, or chemical based. So, different skins types can be resistant to different components. Some components can lead to allergies and skin eruptions. Therefore, you need to know the ingredients in each of the makeup primers before using them.

Primers used for eyes often contain potentially toxic chemicals such as dimethicone, phenoxyethanol, etc. You might look great with perfectly painted eyes and radiant mascara coat for a really longer duration than you have expected but this primer can be lethal when they accidentally get into the eyes.

Primers for lips are often too expensive and beyond affordability of normal masses. Moreover, some of them may contain chemicals that can cause irritable bowel syndrome or other problems when swallowed accidentally. Thus, it is always better to avoid lipstick primers and go for reapplication of lip colors whenever necessary.

The 5 top rated makeup primers

1.Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Luminizing Face Primer

Price: $19.99

2. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 15 Dermaxyl Complex

Price: $42

3. Bare Escentuals Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer

Price: $21

4. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer

Price: $39

5. Tarte Clean Slate Primer

Price: $27

The bottom line

You cannot possibly rule out the benefits of primers in today’s fast moving world where you hardly have much time to have a touch-up done to your makeup every time it gets worn down. Nonetheless, a wise woman is one who knows some important facts like, what she is using for her skin, what are the basic ingredients of the product she has chosen and what are the effects of the same.

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