Make up tips from the royal wedding

The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton generated a worldwide buzz unrivaled by any other event since the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. However, for most girls that saw a bit of themselves in the commoner bride, the day was all about gathering tips from the dress to the hair, they makeup and the poise. Kate’s dress has since been copied a million times over. Here are a few tips that can help you get Kate’s look for your own wedding.


1. Reduce shine

No matter how hard you work on your face, the nervousness of the day is bound to leave your skin a little sweaty especially if it is a summer wedding. A good way to avoid the greasy look is to prep your face and prime it with a translucent finishing powder. It also helps make your face look impeccable in photographs. Save a bit for the groom and your wedding pictures will look perfect for sure.

2. Blusher

A lot of brides make the mistake of going blusher heavy to make their faces look chiseled inside the church or indoors during the reception. But instead of going all out on the blusher, you can use a little and then highlight the area around it with illuminating powder for a stronger effect.


3. Skip the fake tan

Unless your entire family and the groom’s closest friends and relatives are getting tans too, you should skip the fake tan. A good example of doing so would be to remember how Pippa Middleton stuck out like a sore thumb as she stood next to Kate (who always sports a light, golden tan) and untanned (read: pale with natural blush) William and Harry. You can use a bronzer on exposed parts of the body to get a little color.

4. Light matters

Low light makes your skin look more finished that it may actually be. You should insist on getting you makeup done in a room with plenty of natural daylight to get a good result.

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