Liquid Eyeliners: 7 Best

Beautiful eyes are a thing of admiration. Make your eyes do the talking by defining them with liquid eyeliners that gives an aesthetic sense to it. To featurize your eyes contour at its best, the application of eyeliner is very essential. Girls with small eyes can create an illusion of making them large by applying the eyeliner.For all the angelic girls dwelling in the land of beauty, we present 7 best liquid eyeliners, chosen especially for you.

1. Precision Liquid Eyeliner Black
BRAND : L’Oreal
PRICE : USD 8.99

Give a dramatic look to your eyes and let the onlookers get enticed in the glorious definition given to them with this scintillating liquid eyeliner. It creates an intense color on the eyes making them look angelic. The tip of the eyeliner is precision felt and gives an accurate thin line without spreading. This product is very easy to apply, just follow the instructions written on the cover and you are all set to sizzle with your seductive eyes.


It glides effortlessly over the eyes explaining even the minutest curve without smudging or smearing.

It is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
It is fragrance free.
It is ophthalmologist tested.

2. Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner 01 Noir Ebene One Size
BRAND : Guerlain

Give your eyes the mystique that it always wished with this liquid eyeliner that has the specialty of making your eyes look prolific. It has been designed like a calligraphy tool for precision. It helps in the easy application as well. The ubersoft brush has neat details for fuss free lining. It stays long making the wearer feel great. You can blend it easily and it can be smudged. So let your eyes actually do the talking with this best in the business eyeliner.


With the calligraphic tool precision, this eyeliner offers from the thinnest to the heaviest contour of the eye.

It contains natural plant oils which fortifies the lashes.
It is suitable for sensitive eyes or lens wearer.

3. Estée Lauder ‘Pure Color’ Liquid Eyeliner
BRAND : Estée Lauder

Get set to become the cynosure of all eyes with this Estee Lauder ‘Pure Color’ eyeliner. Soon after the application, your eyes get a tantalizing effect and it shimmers with all its might. The felt tip wand makes precise lining one step easy. This product has received 100 percent customer satisfaction, so you need not to give a second thought before fetching this.


The sheer packaging of the eyeliner is sure to pull you get one for yourself.

It is non flaking.
It is opthamologist tested.
It is long lasting.

4. Sephora Collection Glitter Violet Eyeliner
BRAND : Sephora

Let your eyes do the talking with this ultra glamorous eyeliner that is sure enough to get him lost in your eyes. This is pigmented to create strong and beautiful lines. The flocked tip of the brush is very easy to use and you need to be that precise while applying it, because the brush swiftly flows over the eyes. It draws a line of color which is precise, consistent and intense.


The glittery violet shade of this eyeliner makes your eyes divalicious.

It is long lasting.
It gives a professional touch.

5. Stilla Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
BRAND : Stilla

Make your eyes praiseworthy with this glitzy and glamorous waterproof eyeliner from the house of Stilla. The shade of Bora Bora is just so amazing that it goes on smoothly without skipping. Let your eyes ooze seduction with this dazzling eyeliner. Its one use and you are all set for that special soiree.


The dazzling blue shade is eye stealing and fascinates the onlookers.

It is waterproof.
It goes smooth without skipping, smudging or pulling.

6. Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue
BRAND : Elizabeth Arden
PRICE : USD 22.5

The ocean teal shade of this eyeliner is fascinating enough as the eyes get a total dramatic look. You just can’t get enough of it because it’s very subtle and alluring. The eyeliner brush has been made in such a way that the gel glides properly on the eyes, thus resulting a candid view.


The smooth gliding of the fabulous eyeliner gives a proper definition to the eyes.

It is opthalmologits and clinically tested.
It includes an eyeliner brush.

7. BYS Neon Orange Liquid Eyeliner
PRICE : USD 5.05

Let your eyes deliver the most fascinating fable of love with this orange eyeliner. It is for the perky soul inside every gal. Just apply one slick of neon orange and you are all set to sizzle the party with your rapturous presence. Because it is neon the shine is amazing and it pleases every heart.


The out of the box style that you get after applying this fervent color is sufficient enough to tag you as the fashionista.

It has very easy application procedure.
It’s also available in four exotic shades of blue, coral, pink and yellow.

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