Hugo Boss Perfumes: Top 10 Fragrances for Men

Hugo boss is a German fashion and lifestyle house, which is based in Metzingen, Germany. This company specializes in the high end men’s and women’s wear and accessories. Hugo boss derives its name from its owner and founder Hugo Boss. It was started in 1924; and began with the manufacturing of clothes, in Metzingen, a small town in south of Stuttgart. Today, Hugo Boss has at least 6,102 points of sale in 110 countries. After grand success in clothing line, Hugo Boss launched their perfumes as well. It has created some of the heart throbbing perfumes for men. Listed below are some of the best Hugo Boss fragrances for men .

Top 10 fragrances for men

1. Baldessarini Cologne by Hugo Boss

Baldessarini cologne for men was launched by the design house of Hugo Boss in 2002. This cologne has elegant blend of luxury, imagination and spirit of adventure. The cologne has rich,earthy and euphoric; as it represents an exotic mix of finest materials. The exclusive note of the living patchouli flower makes this fragrance for men unique and extravagant. The top note includes tangerine, bitter orange and green mint. The heart notes are patchouli flower, clove buds and cumin seeds. The base notes are sandalwood, fir balsam, patchouli leaves, amber like notes and musk like notes that gives the perfume an extravagant touch.


The rich, earthy and euphoric fragrances for men has exclusive notes of living patchouli flower.


Comes in a simple but stylish packaging.
It’s fragrance is such that it lingers on your mind and it is long lasting.
The  bottle is round in shape and has a steel cap that adds to its sophisticated looks.

2. Boss Bottled Night Perfume

It is a new edition by the design house of Hugo Boss which was launched in the month of July 2010. The fragrance is exclusively created for a man who realizes his goals and strives for new challenges. There is nothing impossible for him to achieve and he has everything in his reach. It is an aromatic fragrance that is bound in an intense and manly woody accords. The opening notes are of lavender and brich tree, while the accentuating heart notes include the aromas of African violet, resting on a base constructed of warm, precious woody nuances of Louro Amarelo tree and sensual musk.


The bottle of this fragrance is in midnight blue color that complements the freshness of the fragrance.


This perfume has fresh and lively fragrance.
The packaging looks very sophisticated and stylish.
It is available in 40 ml and 100 ml.

3. HUGO XY Perfume

This fragrance is designed for a new generation man who believes that the match between conflict and pure attraction has commenced and total harmony is no longer the basis of modern relationship. This is the first unisex perfume by Hugo Boss. The top note consists of lychee, blackcurrent and mandarin that gives it fresh but fleeting character. The heart notes include basmatirice and jasmine sambac, which provides floral, green and herbal characters to the fragrance. The base note has sandalwood, which provides a trail of memory as it evaporates slowly.


One of its own kind, this is the first unisex perfume from Hugo Boss and it has a fragrance of herbs.


The spray can is the inspiration of the packaging, which is simple and clear.
This fragrances for men has an aroma that is fresh and completely new.

4. Hugo Boss Energise Perfume

It is fresh, stylish and has effortless energy that gives off more than what a man can but stays in control. The fragrance shows no limitations and no barriers, it is contemporary scent for a modern man. This perfume was launched in 2005; by the designer, Hugo Ferdinand Boss, himself. This woody scented fragrance; has the top notes of the blend of kumquat, mandarin and citrus that gives freshness. The heart notes include coriander and juniper berries that provides a powerful kick to the aroma. The base note is most unforgettable part of this fragrance as it follows right after the middle notes cease and evaporates slowly making it long lasting. The base notes are smooth blend of suede and jacaranda wood, creating a sensually distinct trail.


The packaging is simple and stylish and justifies the fragrance completely.


The fragrances for men has a fresh and energetic fragrance.
Because it is long lasting, you can wear this frgrance during the day time as well.
It is a metropolitan fragrance for a new generation man.


This fragrance was launched by design house Hugo Boss in the year 1999. Its notes are quite invigorating and fresh scents, which has citrus and mosses. Its fragrance is refreshing, woody, mossy aroma. The top note sparkles with ginger and has tinge of cardamom that produces a provocative and surprising cocktail. The middle note defines its masculine character, which includes floral and spicy aromas of geranium, cypress and sage. Sensual woods reveal buckskin, patchouli and benzoin accord in its base note. Petter Schmitt is the creator of this fragrance.


Shaped like a shaker the bottle is fanciful and the fragrance has a cheerful tone.


This fragrances for men has very provocative aroma that will surely soothe your senses.
The long lasting fragrance  makes it ideal for day time use.
It has such ingredients that will make you feel fresh throughout.

6. Boss Pure Eau De Toilette Spray

This is the newest fragrance by Hugo Boss, which is inspired by the idea of a man becoming one with water. The energizing aroma of this perfume burst with aquatic freshness and captures the sensuality of pure and unstoppable power of water. The notes of this scent includes  freshness of Mediterranean citrus with a blend of juicy fruit notes and water accord. The notes include fig water, Mediterranean citrus, lily, hyacinth and massoia that gives it ultimate freshness.


The pleasing fragrance will help keep you energized and feeling fresh throughout the day.


The bottle has very masculine design.

Perfume has contemporary aroma.

7. Hugo Boss Soul Perfume

This was launched by design house of Hugo Boss in the year 2005. Hugo Boss soul is Eau De toilette natural spray for men, which possesses a blend of lavender, amber, cinnamon, nutmeg, vetiver, mandarin, tonka, anise, bergamot, vanilla and black pepper which makes it a fresh and spicy mix. Because it’s fragrance is long lasting and strong; you can also wear it in the evening.


The herbs and spices make it different from other perfumes.

It’s black bottle defines the fragrance that spices up the life elegantly.


The fragrance is long lasting.
It has a soothing and strong aroma.

8. Hugo Boss In Motion Green 90ml EDT Men’s Cologne

This Eau De Toilette for men was designed by Hugo Boss in 2005. The designer went for the green with this limited edition perfume. Enclosed in a stunning green sphere; this masculine aroma is an efficient blend of tangerine laced with cognac; while nutmeg and cardamon adds the spice to the fragrance. A fresh swirl of patchouli and sandalwood endows the skin with energetic vivacity.


Vivid green sphere case of this perfume is as elegant as its fragrance.


This Eau De Toilette’s fragrance is fresh and different.
Comes in a stunning packaging.
The ingredients used in this scent are soothing.

9. Aqua Elements Cologne by Hugo Boss

Aqua Elements Cologne was launched in the year 1996 by design house of Hugo Boss. It is the blend of woody and oriental fragrances. This is a mix of patchouli, sandalwood and woodsy hints, which provides fabulous and sensual aroma. It has long lasting fragrance and hence it is ideal for daytime or casual wear. The fragrance lasts for six to eight hours; this is essential when it comes to masculine aromas. Notes of this perfume are juniper, amber and sandalwood.


Sophisticated packaging and the design of this bottle makes it attractive.


It has long lasting effect.
This perfume has cool blue color, which is attractive and masculine.
The notes of the perfume are oriental blend.

10. Boss Bottled Hugo Boss Perfume for Men

The summary of Hugo Boss style is captured in this bottle with Boss bottled aroma. The fragrance is fresh and sharp with warm woody base that makes it long lasting. The fruity and fresh top notes include a perfect blend of apple, citrus, floral and spicy heart. That is conquered by pelargonium, warm cinnamon and cloves. The base notes includes sandalwood, vetiver and precious cedar that make the aroma more masculine.


The bottle is very modern and is a very appropriate ecstatic version; and the chrome finish makes it look elegant.


The aroma is mind blowing.
This perfume has a very fresh and modern appeal.
It is available in 50 ml and 10 ml EDT bottles.

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