How to Look Like a Million Bucks

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The best way to looking great is to find a suitable routine and stick to it. Beauty requires work and sacrifice, there a few rules that transform your beauty routine into simple work. Here are some easy tips that you can use to look better.


Cleansing and makeup:

Use a good cleanser for your face; buy a cleanser from a reputed brand and cleanse your face twice daily. The best cleansers are those that have a milky formulation, they work on all types of skin and will remove all traces of makeup, dirt and gradually remove all the blemishes. Certain kinds of makeup, sunscreen will stick to your skin, especially if they are meant for long wear. So make sure that you cleanse your face twice to remove all traces of product. Don’t be fooled by expensive packaging that most products seem to have these days; look for those brands make won’t make a hole in your pocket, they can offer you the same look for a whole lot less. The important thing is to use products that work for you; you can look for your favorite brand of lip gloss or nail enamel from any brand. Try to experiment with bold colors. Primers will help to keep your makeup in place and prevent fading and creasing. Use a good primer after you have finished your makeup to keep your look fresh.


Skin and haircare:

For perfectly groomed eyebrows; visit a professional, who will be able to groom and shape your eyebrows, you can then pluck stray hairs that grow out between sessions. Don’t pluck the area above your brows as this will ruin the arch flow. There is nothing more unsightly than un waxed legs and arms, always exfoliate and moisturize before your waxing appointment. It will give you super smooth results and will prevent ingrown hairs. Never squeeze pimples as this will lead to inflamed skin that will worsen the condition. But if it is absolutely necessary, pull the skin in an outwards direction as squeezing inwards will cause the infection to spread.

Our hair and the way we wear it has a significant impact on our look. Always opt for a hairstyle that you will be able to maintain with as little effort as possible. Ask your stylist about the best style for you. Don’t use too much conditioner on your hair, it will make you hair look greasy and limp. Apply conditioner on tow thirds of your hair and never directly on your scalp. Applying conditioner on the bottom ends of your hair will give it the nourishment that it needs. Having too much conditioner, oil or product near the roots and scalp will make it impossible to create volume.

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