Groom yourself to be the center of attention

by DrPrem Jagyasi


There is no point of visiting someone or giving a presentation if you aren’t dressed to impress, if you aren’t well groomed. Grooming is an important part of your styling. All the dressing, the shoes, the hairstyle would look useless if they haven’t been groomed and assembled together. Here are some simple tricks and tips that you can try to groom yourself and ultimately become the center of attention.


Get a blow-out:  Have you been hiding somewhere for the past several years? Well, now no more hiding as we can say nothing’s better than a bouncy blow-out. Yes the new ‘do’ is officially back and there is no better time to flaunt it than the party season. The new hairdo is unashamedly voluminous and has more than a touch of 90’s hair. There is also one other trick that to blow-out your dry hair rather than starting it from wet. It’s much faster and will surely spark a new trend. Plus, it’s not really difficult to try.

Good Bye No make-up-make-up:  If you thought that your makeup shouldn’t look made up, then you are wrong. This is the time when Chanel meets Bobbi Brown. The color palette is natural so, you can go for toffee; chocolate and beautiful beiges and now they are applied to be seen. Why go for no make-up as new products like eyes liners, eye shadows and highlighters are just genius. The full bag Make-up bag must have Full coverage Foundation, The Sculptor, The Cheek Chiseller, The Nude Lip Liner, and The Lip Mimicker. But be cautious, you just don’t want to end up like a joker with all those colors and vibrant hues.

The Back-lash factor: Forget about the mascara free eye-lashes and forget about the enhanced brows. This season you have to go for both as the Brows and lashes go hand in hand and frame your face. Use Mascara intelligently to volumize the curls. Remember, opt for waterproof mascara or you might end up looking like a cry baby by the end of the day. The curly black lashes infused with barely visible purple and burgundy is certainly a show stopper.

Welcome back French Manicures! : Thanks to Chanel, Louis Vuitton and McQueen, the French Manicure is back, but in a different way. The modern French manicure is not a hard white with a defined edge but it’s more of a soft white and soft edge teamed with sheer pink. The nail looks more healthy and clean with this super manicure.

However, the most important part of grooming is still confidence. Therefore, no matter what style you try, remember to look confidence. This will surely help you hog the limelight!

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