Should I dye eyebrows with chemical dye at 16 to make it darker as my hair, or filling it would be appropriate?

My hair color is dark brown, and although I have thick eyebrows, I fill them, so that it looks somewhat darker. However, I was wondering if instead of filling in them, I could dye my eyebrows, to make it look dark and similar in color as my hair. Nonetheless, I am a bit apprehensive; as I am 16 years old, and I have never used any chemical dye on my hair, forget eyebrows, until present. I would like to get some advice from a professional makeup artist whether I should keep filling my eyebrows for some more time, and then start with dyeing my eyebrows, or do you think it to be fine to get the eyebrows dyed by a professional! Please advice aptly! I shall be thankful to you!

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