DIY Zebra print nails

Zebra print nails

Zebra print on your nails can be quite an eye catcher. There is not much labor involved in this process except that you will require steady hands while painting on the stripes. Once you have decided on the print you can start painting your nails by following a few instructions.

Complexity level


Time required

45-50 minutes

Estimated cost

$10 USD

Resources required

1. You will require a black nail polish, white nail polish, nail polish remover

2. Q-tips

3. Thin brush

4. Dotting tools.


1. Clean your nails

Clean your nails and manicure well to remove any dirt or oils from inside and outside your nails. Remove all traces of old nail polish with a remover. Keep your nails for about 10 minutes, soaking in lukewarm soapy water.

2. File your nails

Then gently wipe dry your nails and hands and cut off nail if they are too long and file well. The nail should be the appropriate length for zebra design.

3. Ready your nails with a gentle massage

Thoroughly apply hand lotion and massage your nails gently to prime them up.

4. Apply two coats of base color

Start by applying a base coat of clear color and layer it with two coats of the base color which will be white. Gently blow on nails in between coats and remember to apply with sweeping upstrokes.

5. Dry off base coat and paint stripes

Give 20 minutes to dry off. Using the thin brush, stroke thin lines of black on top of your white nail polish. Always be steady when you paint on the stripes. You can create the flow of the lines as you like.

6. Painting stripes

Ensure that you dip the brush first in nail polish remover so the bristles stay together. You can paint in at least five of six black stripes to create the zebra look on each nail.

7. Let the stripes dry

Let your nails dry for another twenty minutes before applying the clear top base coat to seal in.Then dry off for another ten minutes before cleaning any smudges.

8. Clean the smudges

Finally, when your nails are absolutely dry, remove any smudges and spills on the edges of your fingertips.You can do this by using the Q-tip, after dipping in nail polish remover and carefully wipe out the edges.

Frequently asked questions

Question. Is it necessary to have straight stripes always?

Answer. Not necessarily so, you can create wavy lines or try any other pattern.

Quick tips

1. Be patient and use steady hands.

2. Keep your nails from scratching away for a while by using house gloves for protection.

3. Also, protect your nails from any harsh chemical which may ruin your zebra look.

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