Would curly Marilyn Monroe hairstyle over long hair look fabulous on my mom?

My mom and dad have their 25th wedding ceremony this month, and my sister and I have bought a red colored dress for my mom and a formal suit for my dad. We have planned a party to celebrate their Anniversary at home; however, I am here keen on knowing the hairstyle for my mom. She has long hair, which goes up to an inch longer than her shoulder, and the color of her hair is rich honey blonde. I wanted her to get short hair like Marilyn Monroe, but she asserts that she wouldn’t go for short hair, for just one party! Moreover, it takes a long time for hair to grow back. I wanted to know whether the Marilyn Monroe hairstyle of curly hair would look great on my mom over silver-grayish colored evening gown. She is in her late 40s, and therefore, doesn’t want to experiment with her looks, therefore, please advice appropriately! Thanks.