Common skin problems post beauty treatments

Beauty treatments

There are some common skin problems that result from varied beauty treatments. Itching after threading or face rash after waxing are some common skin related problems. But there is nothing to worry about it. This is because all these problems can be cured by simple remedies. Now, read and know about all the skin problems related to common beauty treatments.

1. Face rash

Beauty treatments causing it: A face rash can result after waxing or face bleach.

The cause: A prickly rash is generally caused by waxing after it is done for the very first time or after a prolonged gap.

The beauty rescue: Face rash can lead to pain and swelling of the skin. Treating a rash after waxing isn’t a difficult task. Soothe the rash by putting ice or cold water. Soak a piece of cloth in cold water. In case of ice, wrap it in a cloth piece and place it on the affected area. Cool the skin and keep repeating this for 15 minutes. You may also use antibacterial ointment like Neosporin to cure the rash. This ointment penetrates into the skin. After this you should apply Tea Tree Oil that also has antibacterial properties. Use gentle soap and avoid make up during this time. Continue the treatment till the rash is gone.

2. Pimples

Beauty treatments causing it: Eyebrow threading results to pimples.

The cause: The pimples are formed due to formation of bacteria in the hair follicle. This is because when threading is done, folliculitis and acne are caused.

The beauty rescue: Apply warm cloth over the pimples and compress them. Then, use a mild soap to wash brow line. Water should be lukewarm. Repeat the process at least two times in a day to fight and combat pimples. The warm water removes the debris and the pimple fades away in an effective manner. Apply hydrocortisone cream. It relieves you from swelling and itching. Use the make-up which is free from oil. This will help the skin to heal up.

3. Skin irritation

Beauty treatments causing it: Waxing and threading cause skin irritation.

The cause: The common sources of skin irritation because of hair removal are pimple-like skin rash and ingrown rash.

The beauty rescue: After waxing, apply antiseptic on a cotton ball and use it to treat the skin. In case of threading, hold the skin tight to avoid cuts. Threading can lead to scratches. Use cold water to cure them. Massage for 2-3 minutes after applying toner. Aloe Vera gel also reduces irritation of skin.

4. Itching & dryness

Beauty treatment causing it: Threading leads to itching and dryness.

The cause: When the hair is removed, some people with extremely sensitive skin tend to have itching, pain and dryness.

The beauty rescue: To get free from dryness and itching of skin, take 2 tablespoon of cold milk. To it add half tablespoon of vitamin E oil and combine the two. Massage properly for 20 minutes. Rinse the skin with cold water and dry it. This is a measure to fight the bump and not letting it appear after waxing is done. The portion of the mixture which has not been used can be stored in refrigerator for atleast two days. It cannot be re-used after 48 hours.

5. Red bumps

Beauty treatment causing it: Post affect of waxing.

The cause: If the hair grows in an inward direction, it is liable to cause red bumps.

The beauty rescue: To get rid of oil and debris, exfoliate the skin prior to waxing. Take bath with warm water to open up the pores. Not only the skin pores open up but the skin also gets softened. Fight the bump using Solution 2 before waxing. After a duration of 24 hours, apply the solution again. You may also use hydrocortisone to fight irritation or itching. Cream waxes are meant for delicate areas of the face. On the other hand, hard wax is meant to be used in the bikini area this is because it wraps the hair prior the hair is taken off. To make sure that the problem of waxing bumps reduces, make it a point that you wax and remove the hair frequently.

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