Choosing the right fragrance to suit your personality

Choosing the right fragrance

Applying a good fragrance gives a lift to your personality. If you smell good, you feel good. It gives you a positive attitude of looking at things thereby attracting people towards your impressive and refreshing natural appearance. Apart from personal satisfaction and a boost to your outlook, using the same family of perfume can add a signature statement to your personality as well. However, to be able to adapt to the right fragrance which would best suit your personality, you have to have full knowledge about perfumes and their specific detailing. Today we would discuss all important and relevant details which would provide you with full knowledge of all about perfumes.

Finding out family history of the fragrance to which it belongs

All perfumes are categorized according to the family it belongs to, based on its origination, like floral, woody, spicy or fresh. Generally people stick to a particular family of perfume and prefer to use fragrances belonging to the same origin either because it has special memories attached which one wants to cherish for a lifetime or simply because they derive pleasure from it as it stimulates and instigates their olfactory receptors. Whatever be the case, the simplest way to find out which family a particular perfume belongs to is to check out its family icons next to each product which gives clear information of the same.

If ever you opt to change and switch to some other family of perfumes for personal use or for gifting purpose, it is better to first find out and judge personal preferences of or choice of the person for whom you want the product. A person having a liking for a specific family of fragrance would under normal circumstances prefer and like something else on the same lines and belonging to the same family group.

When would you like to wear it?

Certain perfumes are designed and conceited for specific time-periods of the day. Usually lighter fragrances are opted for day-wear while the heavier and huskier ones are kept for evenings and night-outs. Some intense ones are even chosen and applied to add a fun-factor and simply to have a good time out with friends stretching upto late nights. During day-time, an EDT or EDC works like wonders while during evenings and late nights a more concentrated version such as EDP seems to be more effective and lasts longer. However, it is advisable to decipher and understand your needs according to when you want to use it before choosing an appropriate fragrance for yourself.

How much do you want to spend?

A wide range of perfumes ranging from low to high price tags are available on-store and before getting on to buy one, it is very important to consider and decide how much you intend to shell out for it. Once you are at the store, it is better to let the staff dealing in perfumes know of your budget so that he can help you through your endeavor and give you the best of deals as per your spending capacity. However, if you do not want assistance, prices on perfume bottles are clearly displayed to help you with your self-service principle.

Why does it not smell so nice on me?

Regarding perfumes, it is not a hard and fast rule that if something smells good on someone else, it would also smell good on your skin. Likewise may be a fragrance that you love to wear might not suit someone else’s personality. The reason behind this is that fragrances react differently and uniquely on different skin types or under separate set of conditions. It may differ due to one’s body temperature, diet, climatic conditions and so on.

Do they all smell the same?

When you are at a perfume store with a pre-set mind to choose one for yourself, do not commit the mistake of trying too many fragrances in one go, not to exceed more than 3 at a time. this might make your nose become de-sensitized. Trying more than a handful of new fragrances can cause smell fatigue which might block your sense of smell, thereby completely confusing you. The best way to get rid of this situation is to opt for a traditional method of smell break by simply inhaling coffee beans which neutralizes your nasal sense organ. However, if you do not have access to coffee beans, simply take a deep breath and immediately smell your sleeves or cuffs after that. This will clear your nose passage of any lingering smell or perfume notes.

Another very important point to remember while trying out new fragrance or after shave notes is to always apply them on one’s wrist as it gives the truest presentation of the fragrance as it would reflect on you.

The best way to find the right perfume

After having collected all the relevant details and knowledge about choices of perfumes, if you still feel perplexed, the best and the simplest method is to ask a perfume shop member of staff, who is well-versed and fully trained in his department of work, to help you out.

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