Celebrity perfumes: The best and the worst

Celebrities can influence us a great deal. We all admire our favorite stars and try to get as close as possible to the way they dress, look and style themselves. This glamour quotient of theirs has encouraged them to endorse perfumes that signify their choice of fragrance. These celebrity perfumes are completely customized according to the stars, shape, color of the perfume matches with their skin tone or any other similarity to attract customers. But ultimately customers tend to get drawn towards the quality standards and attractiveness of the perfume. Due to this reason some brands have failed horribly and some have gained high popularity. We will discuss some of the best and worst celebrity perfumes here.

1. The best celebrity perfumes

a. Britney Spears Fantasy Aue De Parfum

This is one of the perfumes that has matched closely to the aura and personality of Britney Spears. Many women have commended this perfume for its sweet smell with vanilla and sugar essence. In matters of quality, users have claimed that the scent is long lasting and even its appearance is endearing with a round shape and a glossy purple color. Even the price is worth as it is affordable of only $57. Many fans have said that it justifies to be called as Britney Spears scent.

b. Sean John Unforgivable Woman Scent Spray

This perfume has a simple and sober appearance but has become extremely popular because of its invigorating and intoxicating smell. The smell of the perfume is very subtle and not overpowering due to which it has become the choice and preference of many women within a very short span of time. This ultimately proves that quality matters to the customers. Some have said that the manufacturer has been successful in capturing what an unforgivable woman smells like. So hence, even the title of the perfume has made justice to it.

c. Sarah Jessica Parker Eau De Parfum Spray

It has a sleek and elegant appearance similar to that of Sarah Jessica due to which it appealed to many women. It has a light scent that has a wonderful smell. It gives a fresh feeling and lasts all day long. Many women gushed about it saying that it gelled great with their body chemistry. The perfume has a light pinkish tinge that gives a femine and gentle image. The cost of this perfume is very much reasonable according to its quality at $52.

2. The worst celebrity perfumes

a. M By Mariah Carey Eau De Parfum Spray

Named after Mariah Carey, the fans and customers had great expectations from it but it failed to live upto it. People described it as the worst smelling perfume as it smelt of burnt marshmallow. It not only has a nasty smell, but also has a very unattractive shape with a bold purple color. Even its price was very high at $52 compared to the quality it provided and the expectations it created among the customers.

b. Hajarku Lovers Baby Eau De Toilette Spray

The customers considered this perfume as cheap as its price of $29. The women thought the fragrance was boring and was similar to that of any baby powder or baby oil. Though the smell was pleasant and soft, it had a weird after essence. It definitely did not last longer and couldn’t be recommended to other people. Even if people bought it, they got bored of it within a week.

c. White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor Perfume

This one had an old look which seemed as if it was meant for granny’s. The smell was very strong and unbearable. It was just appreciated for its elegant look and packaging. It had a golden pear shaped body with a diamond studded ribbon on top. Though it had a classic look, it failed to impress on the smell and quality. It was sold for $100 which many women considered very expensive for such poor quality and satisfaction it provided.

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